Top 5 Best iOS Games For June 2020


Apple’s A-series chipset is both powerful and efficient, usually ranking way above Qualcomm’s current-gen flagship Snapdragon SoCs in terms of raw processing and graphics performance.

Apple’s Metal GPU framework gives game developers access to the untapped potential of A-series chipsets, which results in quality games in the iPhone/iPad App Store. But, it has thousands of games, which makes it pretty much impossible to find the best ones and kill some time.

However, you can check out this list of top 5 best iOS games for June 2020, which we continue to do in the upcoming months as well. The App Store links are also mentioned below every game. 

1. Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a fast-paced, rhythm-based game that challenges you to survive through some near impossible stages. Avoid all the obstacles on your way throughout the journey by jumping, flipping, or flying through the dangerous passages. If you are ready to push your reflex skills to the limit, Geometry Dash is an excellent choice for you.

Prepare yourself to get frustrated and challenge your patience with Geometry Dash, as there may be some near impossible, difficult stages to complete. Survive through all the obstacles by simple one-touch control and unravel all the dangers with your character.

Speaking of character, you can customize your own character as per your choice by completing challenges and unlocking new icons and colors as the game progress. You can also sharpen your skills by playing in the practice mode. Apart from this, the graphics quality, along with the excellent choice of soundtrack is incredible. Challenge yourself, as well as others by creating your own built level by using the level editor and share it with your friends to complete.

RobTop made Geometry Dash available for iOS at just $1.99. It is compatible with all the currently supported iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Keep yourself engaged for hours with this fun-oriented, addictive, action-based Geometry Dash available in App Store.

2. High Rise

High Rise is basically a casual puzzle-based game that will keep you entertained for hours. Merge, grow, and rise with these colorful blocks and watch your city get higher and higher with this simple, engaging gameplay.

Challenge your tactics with High Rise by matching same-colored blocks, and raising them higher will gain you points. Just rotate your 3D city with a simple drag of finger and place blocks with a tab to let them merge and rise. With this simple but fun mechanics watch your city grow higher with your friends and family and compare your personal best with the whole world. 

Sometimes the advertisements during the gameplay might annoy you a bit. However, you can remove ads with a simple in-app purchase of $0.99. There is no hidden pay to win elements found in this innovative game.

Relax and watch your colorful city grow with the High Rise and give a lot of space for your own tactics and your personal improvement.

3. Faraway 4

Faraway 4 is an adventure-packed, room escape game that will challenge your survival skills with some puzzle-solving abilities. With an all-new set of locations and complex puzzles, a whole new world is waiting to be explored. Sink yourself in this captivating story for hours of gameplay with one of the best mobile escape games of all time.

Unravel the mystery as an archaeologist and follow the path of an ancient philosopher, who once was on the same journey. Your every action will lead you to different consequences as the game progress. Uncover all the secrets in the environment, with 20 levels of escape puzzles. The relaxing ambient soundtrack keeps you on the seat.

Faraway 4 is entirely free to play. However, you can find out the missing journals of the archeologist’s father by unlocking some additional levels for only $3.99.

4. Deathtrap Dungeon

Deathtrap Dungeon is an interactive video adventure-based game, which is narrated by the world-famous personality Eddie Marsan ( from Hobbs & Shaw, Deadpool 2, etc.). Inspired by Ian Livingstone’s classic gamebook, Deathtrap Dungeon is a five-hour-long graphic novel, full of mysteries and adventures waiting to be uncovered.

Similar to the BBC’s bedtime stories or Henson’s storyteller series, Deathtrap Dungeon is storytelling, interactive video novel where you may have to make some serious choices among given options in order to determine your fate in the story. The narrator takes you to the dangerous allies of Baron Sukumvit and leaves you with the possible choices you have to make for surviving.

For a one-time purchase of $4.99 only, immerse yourself in this phenomenon of Deathtrap Dungeon by downloading the game in the Apple Store, now!

5. Trap Adventure 2

If you are looking for the hardest platformer game to challenge yourself with, then Trap Adventure 2 is all you have been looking for. Same as the prequel Trap Adventure, this game challenges you with the hardest, irritating, and addictive gameplay. If you tend to give up quickly, then Trap Adventure 2 might not be your cup of tea.

Trap Adventure 2 is a strategy-based, platformer game where you have to run for your life and overcome all the endangers of life-threatening objects in every step. Try to save your self from getting smashed with the obstacles that come along the way with some easy controls. Jump, move back and forth, and avoid spiky obstacles throughout the game. You may get frustrated gradually as the moment you think you are safe; another danger comes in. This game gets on your nerves as you may have to go through the same stage all over again and again to get success. Trap Adventure 2 leaves you stressed and irritated with its really fast-paced gameplay and causes displeasure sometimes with some near impossible stages. Despite being free of cost, the game asks for $0.99 to unlock a normal difficulty mode.

Prepare yourself from all the life-threatening encounters and make your way through all the dangers with Trap Adventure 2, only available in the App Store.

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