Top 5 Best iOS Apps For June 2020


The Apple App Store has thousands of quality apps to offer from iPhone and iPad devices. Similar to the Google Play Store, only a few of the apps manage to be chosen by the curators and editors.

Whether it’s about boosting your productivity or capturing a moment with a touch of style, there are so many features you can get with apps from different developers. Even some of the stock iOS apps miss out on such essential functions.

We actively try our best to find iPhone apps that suit your needs and introduce them to our readers with a shortlist of iOS apps every month. For the month of June, here are our selections for the top 5 best iOS apps.

1. Tasks: Smart Lists & Reminders

Tasks is much more than just a to-do list app. Whether it be your pending reviews or your current jobs, Tasks help you to track down all your further schedules to be done at just the right time. 

As a modern to-do list app, Tasks is also created to make your life easier with automatic date detections and saves your time with suggestable tags. Whether it be your shopping list, office memos, or even your house chores, Tasks has all the possible tags available. Otherwise, you can also create your personalized tags you use more often and organize your list with them. You can also create your custom project by which you can have a clear image of your jobs to be done, your progress on the task you are working on currently, and also the chores you have finished on working. For more detailed information, you can add images and notes to your tasks. Tasks also let you share your projects with your colleagues and friends to give an update about the upcoming tasks to be done. Tasks also sync with your iCloud and import your previous or existing reminders from notes. 

Apart from all these features, Tasks support dynamic type accessibility and multiple windows on iPadOS. The dark mode is also a mentionable feature that helps you to add your notes at night. With up to 20+ options, Tasks leaves you with the possible choices to customize the tasks.

Although Tasks is a free-to-use app, you can make an in-app purchase of $34.99 to avail of all the mentioned features. This in-app product also gives you a lifetime pass to use this app. Give your productivity a boost and get reminded of your chores in style just with Tasks.

2. SongOwl Music Player

SongOwl recreates your music experience using your music collection from your iOS device. Other than the streaming services and the latest releases, SongOwl focuses on your favorites to make you feel great. SongOwl basically lets you experience your world of music just the way you want to.

With more than 100 display options, SongOwl configures you to create your own reusable music paths. You can also add your favorite kinds of music to your desired tabs. You can also listen to your tracks in preview mode using track metadata without making any disturbance in your playback queue. With the artwork-themed player, SongOwl is known for it’s all new and intuitive design. You can easily mark a song as favorites by double-tapping on the artwork shown in the player, or from the mini-player and widget. You can also hide your songs in the cloud as per your choice. 

SongOwl actually makes you think as you are browsing your own library. With custom themes, shortcuts, and URL schemes, SongOwl itself is one of a kind music player.

SongOwl makes itself available in Apple Store in just $1.99. However, the in-app purchases available in ranges from $1.99 to $2.99 accordingly. Whether you are a heavy-listener or just have casual taste in music, SongOwl makes your song browsing and listening experience more enjoyable.


Developed by Moment, RTRO is a vintage video camera app we all have been waiting for. Shoot your videos with all the vintage filters made by professional filmmakers and get the retro vibe in your brand new iPhone.

RTRO lets you shoot, pause and shoot again with its video camera and also features to import videos from your camera roll. Each video can be recorded up to 60 seconds with RTRO. The real-time object tracker is the unique feature of all. Other than shooting videos, you can also capture photos with your desired vintage filter. RTRO lets you share your creation in the designated timeline and also enables you to select the sharing format as per your choice. You can also delete them later from your timeline if you want to. You can choose your desired retro frame rates from 6, 12, 18, 24 & 30fps.

Although the basic app is free of cost, you can subscribe to RTRO+ to buy additional filters for $1.99. To become a premium member, you can make a subscription purchase worth $3.99 per month or $19.99 per year to unlock all the advanced features. You can also try out the lifetime membership for just $49.99.

4. Inkwork 

Inkwork lets you transform your photos into sketch-based, eye-catching, expressive ink drawings. With 90+ ink style variations and your choice of canvas, you can share your artwork on every social media you wish for.

You can choose your ink and paper colors from dozens of options available in Inkwork, or you can customize your own. With the sleek and polished interface, you can control the size of the strokes that make your virtual painting more abstract. The fine-tune styles add more details in your abstract artwork, and you can watch it happen within a fraction of seconds, even without the internet. You can snap directly from Inkwork or select photos from camera roll to transform your photos into a sketch. Other than creating artwork, you can also get it printed in the highest quality and delivered right at your doorstep without any hassle. 

All these features and the unique ability to create artwork from clicked photos come under a great price of just $2.99. Compatible with iPhone X and iPad Pro, discover the existing art of your pictures with Inkwork.

5. Sky Guide

If you want to explore the night sky using your iPhone, then Sky Guide is the app you have been looking for. Just move your iOS device overhead and automatically detect the stars, constellations, planets, and many more objects in the night sky without any particular set-up required.

If you are bored with the constellation paper charts and confused about the star names, Sky Guide makes your learning way easier and effortless with its augmented reality or AR. You can get rich graphical information about objects in the sky you were wondering about, which will help you to satisfy your curiosity. Apart from this, you can get a clear image of the past and future positions of the stars using Sky Guide and also eye-witness how history’s greatest comets looked like. The great thing about this app is that it works anywhere in any condition. You don’t have to worry about your Wi-Fi, cellular service as well as GPS to get the app working. You can also keep a tab on the latest solar activities from your Apple Watch for free.

Sky Guide is priced $2.99 available in Apple Store with basic features. If you want to utilize all the features in the app, you can subscribe to the Supermassive products at $2.49 and $19.99, respectively. Make your stargazing fun and amazing with the Sky Guide app.

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