Effective and Relevant Marketing Techniques in 2020


Marketing is never static and can change and develop according to new consumer habits and trends. In the modern era, where change has become an almost inescapable fact of life, this requires marketers and companies to adapt quickly. While traditional marketing methods remain as foundational as ever, companies should also be on the lookout for new techniques that are timely, relevant, and effective. Here are just a few of these techniques that can enrich your marketing strategy in 2020 and beyond.

Educational Content

Digital marketing has been around for decades, and in 2020 customers are looking for more than just attractive advertisements. In an era where information has become a sort of currency, companies need to go beyond the surface level and prove their relevancy to their audience. This is done by creating educational content, which can come in the form of blog posts, explainer videos, infographics, and more.

Dr. Robert Soroka of McGill University says that consumers want to make informed choices, and aim to maximize the benefits of making the “right” purchase. Educational content reduces the commodified nature of the transaction while providing customers with relevant information and background, creating a positive association between customer and company.

Data-driven Marketing

Data has risen in importance over the last few years to become one of the cornerstones of digital marketing, and it looks like it’ll have a bigger role to play as the new decade continues. According to Social Media Today, data and insights-driven marketing can help marketers keep up with consumer expectations and set their brand apart from the competition.

It’s easier said than done, however, and companies will need to take care to invest in the right tools and strategies. In particular, companies should complexify the kind of data they collect from consumers. Beyond surface-level information, data collection should also include factors like education, interests, lifestyle, and social profile. This more complex data can lead to better personalization, which in turn can boost total sales by 15-20% or more.

“Look Back” Marketing

The Internet is constantly swarming with information and advertisements, which can often get overwhelming for customers. Staying power in digital advertisements can also cost a premium, and it can be hard for companies to catch and keep consumers’ attention. It’s undeniable that changes in technology have led to changes in consumer habits, so the challenge now for brands is how to maximize that technology in order to create a stronger link between brand, product, and purchaser.

Triadex Services presents “Look Back” digital ad marketing as a possible approach to this. With the growing number of smartphone users, Look Back programs are particularly relevant because they can capture device IDs of customers who have been in your stores over a period of time and create a new mailing list. You can then target this new customer base with promotions, announcements, and more. This forges a deeper relationship with customers who are already familiar with your brand, creating incentives for the customer to return more than once. Many businesses are now outsourcing to boutique marketing agencies such as Stellation Media. More: https://jonathonspire.com/stellation-media-review/

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