Why Businesses Should use PDF Files More


For a business to succeed today, it not only needs to be flexible but also using technology to its advantage. In the past, many businesses faced the problem that is sharing documents between computers because of the various operating systems.  However, things today have changed. With internet connecting most cell phones and computers around the world, sending and receiving PDFs has never been easier. PDFs can be used for invoicing customers, maintaining client records, sending memos and so much more.

Unlike the earlier days when you had to sit behind a computer to make and send PDFs from your computer, Sodapdf makes it possible today to do it from about any device connected to the internet. So, why should businesses take advantage of online PDFs?

Maintained formatting

One of the biggest issues plaguing document sharing was whether the files would still look the same when the recipient opens them. Due to differences in software, there might be some problems in the formatting of the data on the PDFs which renders them ineffective. With PDFs, the document will look exactly as intended regardless of software or hardware on the recipient’s sides.


In terms of raw size, PDF files tend to be much smaller than their corresponding counterpart file formats. Although we might find other file formats that are more advantageous than PDF such as TIFF (Tag Image File Format), PDFs are compressible which makes them so much easier to share. What’s more, if you have limited storage capacities, PDF files will save you the hustle such as on mobile devices.


Every business worries about its security. Especially when dealing with sensitive data, a business must consider the safest way to disseminate information so that only the right eyes can see it. With PDF files you can easily set a password that will be used to open them. This strategy is effective because you can use the password protection for documents in transit, or just as an extra layer of security when storing files.

Ubiquitous Format

Today, even those who don’t know exactly what the initials PDF mean, know it’s a file format. Given its popularity, it has been accepted globally. As such, PDF files can be opened on whichever system you are running on. From computers to tablets and even smartphones. Developers have created applications which readily accept the file, process it and display to the recipient. As such, regardless of whether you are using a PC, MAC, and iOS or Android, PDF files will never trouble you.

PDFs have been around for a bit according to all signs and is here to stay. For this reason, businesses need to adopt the file format more and make it a standard of sending files throughout. That way, tracing documents and storing them becomes that much easier. Since various documents have various levels of security, the most sensitive content can be secured further by passwords. That means even if someone did obtain the files in another way, they would be useless since the password acts as a sort of gate to keep intruders out.

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