How to test DJ equipment before a set


A DJ is one of the focal points at any event.  As such, to avoid ruining an event and your career as well, it is best to always test your equipment before a set.  For experienced DJs, testing equipment is easy since it is something that they do all the time. However, a newbie DJ might find themselves struggling with testing equipment in an efficient manner. To help you out, here is how to test DJ equipment before a set.

1.    Make sure your equipment is set up right

The first step to testing your DJ equipment is to set it up just as you would at a gig. Get your laptop in place, and also set up the turntable and all the other equipment just like you would at your event. This is important because it helps you simulate how all the equipment will be used in the real set.

2.    Install the right software

Once you have set up all the equipment, test-run the software that you will use to perform. The whole idea behind testing the software is to ensure that it is most optimal for your upcoming set. If it is not the best, you can uninstall it and get another one, which can give you the performance quality that you are looking for.  You can check out reviews about the best DJing software at

3.    Test your backup power supply

For your DJing equipment to work, it needs a consistent power supply. As such, part of the process of testing out equipment is to test the power supply. The idea is to ensure that your backup power supply for your set is working well. By doing this, you go to your set well prepared, knowing that your equipment can work well, even if the main power supply where to go off during the performance.

4.    Have a technician test the equipment before the set

As a DJ, you may not be in the best position to test equipment. That’s why you may need the services of a technician. A technician can check out your equipment and tell you whether everything is working correctly or not. If there are any issues with the equipment, they can sort it out for you before you start your set. This is the best way to test your DJing equipment before you get to work.

5.    Do a mock show before the set

Once you have done all the above, put the equipment to test.   DJing equipment, just like all other machines, are best tested by putting to task on what they are designed to do.   Doing a mock show just before the main set is easy. That’s because, if you already have the equipment on location, then testing it is easy, since all you would have to do is turn on your laptop and stream music through it. If your test run is perfect, proceed to the performance with confidence. Otherwise, find out where the problem is, and resolve it before the set. As you become more experienced in your practice, test running your equipment will get easier.

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