UBON 3541 Bluetooth Earphone: Cheap Earphones with Superior Sound Quality


Bluetooth Earphones have ruled the market of Audio Devices from the last few years. And why they won’t be? They are easier to handle, reliable and deliver good performance also. Looking over to the increasing popularity of Bluetooth Earphones, many audiophile manufacturers started making Bluetooth Earphones. Few of them are very costly and delivers good performance while on the other hand, few of them are cheap to buy, but they deliver average performance. In this race of Bluetooth Earphones, UBON is one of the companies who always try to offer good Bluetooth earphones at a reasonable price. And one of its product is UBON 3541 Bluetooth Earphone.

UBON 3541 Bluetooth Earphone is actually a Sports Wireless Earphone which can be wear while running or while performing different exercises. It is loaded with all the features which many premium Bluetooth earphones have and are priced above Rs. 1000. UBON is offering this amazing Bluetooth Earphone at a great price under Rs. 1000. So, let’s check it out, is it worth buying or not?

Design and Build

Starting from inbox item, you’ll get UBON 3541 Bluetooth earphone, micro USB cable for charging, two sets of ear tips, a stylish pouch to carry this earphone, and a User-Manual. UBON 3541 Bluetooth Earphone actually have a 65cms length wire connecting the left and right buds. This wire is flat in shape and has a tangle-free ergonomic design. As per our perspective, the build quality of this Bluetooth Earphone is average but at this price of Rs. 700 it is more than average.

In addition, it has a built-in controller in the wire connecting both earbuds. This controller has a built-in Mic for calling purpose and has three functional buttons to control volume and play/pause button. Also, you can use the middle button to receive/reject a call directly from this earphone.


Sound Quality is the most important thing which we consider while buying any audio device. Luckily, UBON has packed this earphone with amazing sound quality. However, it’s a bit loud to hear at 100% volume level but at 80-85% volume level, it sounds amazing. It produces crisp and clear sound at a good range as this Bluetooth earphone works on Bluetooth 4.2.

Also, if you are a Bass lover, then this earphone might be the best choice for you at a great price as it delivers solid bass with a good mixture of other frequencies. One of the Best things about this earphone is its Noise Isolation feature. It manages to isolate about 80% of the noise in a normal crowd. So overall, in Sound Quality it is one of the best Bluetooth Earphone at an amazing price.

Battery & Performance

Now coming at its battery and Performance. Although, UBON guarantees about 4 hrs of battery life once on a full charge, according to our tests it lasts up to 3 hrs or hardly 3.5 hrs depending upon its usage. You can charge this Bluetooth Earphone with any normal USB charger through the micro USB cable provided with it. As I mentioned above, it has a built-in mic which can be used for calling purpose. However, its microphone delivers average performance and fails to transmit your voice clearly. To make sure another person on the wire listens to you properly, you have to talk a bit louder than usual.

Final Call

If you are looking for a good Bluetooth Sports Earphone under Rs. 1000, you must try this one. It has everything which a user expect from a Bluetooth earphone. It has a good wireless range, good sound quality, and average build quality. This earphone is available at all the different E-Commerce site ranging from Rs. 700-800.

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