What are Phohone Trackers Apps For Android?


A phone tracker app will always be your best friend in many instances in life. Ever been in a situation where you want to get some information about your friend, family, junior at work or you want to get evidence about something to build a case?

All you will have to target is their phone. At current times our phones have managed to be part of us. Everyone walks around with their phone and always keeps on sending communications with the phone.

Whatever people get to say to their close friends is most of the times a big percentage of what they are up to so if one gets then they can be sure what their target is doing. So a phone tracker app is an application installed to a phone then it will help you get access to the device movement (live location), calls, emails, WhatsApp, Skype and files.

How Phone tracker app works. 

The technology that comes with phones at this age allows you to access live locations of a person, be it your kid or your junior. If you track them with an app you will be able to get a live update of where they are and what they are up to. This is where the android tracking apps come in. Most of these apps need to be installed in the target device then it will send the required report to whoever wants it. The apps can be used for:

  • Spying, where you will get information without the subject knowledge. In this case you will install the app to their device without them noticing, this can be for example on a cheating partner in a couple,
  • Monitoring, it will happen where the subject is aware that the app is installed in their phone and they are being monitored. Many times parents will install an app in their children’s phones so that they can monitor their movements. A good example could be when the kids are being dropped to school. The parent can check their live location and be able to know when they have reached school. Some apps will even send notifications if the kid has gone past where they were supposed to go.

Different apps will however have different features that will give you different information. This article will discuss some of these apps and what they can do as well as how much they are going to cost you to have them installed.

Popular apps that exist

The phone tracker app market has several apps that offer the same service, some are more accurate while others are not. Some are free while others are expensive. Here is a review of several apps.


This app works on both computer and phones and is used for monitoring purposes. When installed, it works in silent and records all the activities being performed by the device including recording calls and messages being shared, websites visited as well as recording keystrokes.

The subject will therefore not notice that they have a spy app unless they are informed of it. The recorded data will be sent to you on your online account where you can download later for the intended use.

This phone tracker app comes with a free trial that lasts for three days. This will allow you try the app before you can make a decision to buy it. This is always good to a customer for they will not blame a review or an advert if they finally decide to buy.

The app comes in two versions, non-rooted and rooted, non-rooted will give you all the above mentioned options while the rooted one will add to the list,

  • Taking screenshots
  • Reading instant messages like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger


Many would consider this app as the most commonly used. The phone tracker app is mainly designed for parents who want to monitor their children activity. The parent will have to first buy the app by selecting the premium they want then they will install it on the kid’s phone. Once the app has been bought, the parent should be able to log into their account, where this app should be sending data.

When the app is on the user’s device it works in the background so that they will not notice that they are being spied. The app will then record information like phone calls, messages shared, websites visited, photos, videos, contacts and keystrokes then send the data to an online account where the parent can download for their intended use.

The app will however not be able to give a parent access to emails and instant messaged on a non-rooted mode. Rooting a phone might prove to be hard and therefore the parent will have to choose what to do, either go for another app or root the phone.


This app is considered complicated but definitely very good mostly for tech savvy guys. The phone tracker app, through its admin panel gives the parent an opportunity to see all what is happening with their kid’s online life. They are able to see all apps installed on the phone and can block sited they don’t wish kids to visit.

The app also can block sites a parent does not wish their preteen kids to see (the only challenge is that it cannot see all the sites and some will go though). The app will also help elderly parents who are prone to scam sites. You can block the sites from their phones.


A very advanced phone tracker app for phone spying. The app has all one would wish to find in a monitoring app and more. The app will record phone calls, SMS, read WhatsApp and Facebook messages, read emails, see location and guess what? Turn on a device sound recorder remotely.

You can also:

  • Set keywords and get alerted when they are used,
  • Get to know usernames and passwords by keystroke recording
  • Take screenshots
  • Take photos remotely
  • Intercept to calls


  1. Is it legal?

Well, this question comes to our minds whenever we need to install a phone tracker app in devices. It will however depend on how you use the app. If you are using it for spying or monitoring. The difference between the two is that in the former the subject does not know whether they are being “monitored” while in the latter the subject is aware. In many places people privacy is protected so spying might be illegal.

The thing here is laws are different in many places. Even in U.S. different states have different laws that govern privacy so first know the laws governing your area before going ahead as in some places it might lead to serving jail terms.

  1. What is the moral impact?

Spying will lack moral support. Take an example of a cheating spouse, one might go ahead and get the evidence but at the end of it all you would wonder what or how the evidence will help the couple.

Of course, if the subject comes to know that they are being spied, they will not feel good about this and this will break the trust the two parties could have been enjoying.

  1. Can I track if I install the phone tracker?

All the trackers I have discussed above will work when installed in the subject’s android phone. All you will have to do is log in to your account and get all the information you wanted and use it appropriately.


There are several features that will be common each phone tracker app discussed in this article. They are:

  • Call recording
  • Websites visited
  • Access to SMS
  • Access to gallery
  • Live location


The above apps have different pricing policies depending on the number of users and the duration the subscription is going to take. The features that come with the app will also determine cost.


It has a trial period of three days, which is free. After that you go to a paid plan. On this there is a personal and family plan.

  • Personal plan- this one you will only be able to monitor one person and will cost you $19.95 a month, $49.95 three months and $99.95 for a year.
  • Family plan- it will allow you monitor up to 5 phones and will cost you $39.95 a month and $199.95 a year.


Comes in two plans:

  • Basic which will cost you $29.99/month, $59.99/three months or $99.99/year
  • Premium $69.99/month, $119.99/three months, or $199.99/year
  • Family- this allows you to cover up to three devices. It will cost you $84.99/month, $359.97/6 months or 479.97/year.


  • This one will cost you $89 every year covering three devices.


Prices go as per the package and the time it covers.

  • Premium/computers packages will cost you $68/month, $99 quarterly or $149/year
  • Extreme package will cost $199 quarterly or $349 annually.


These apps are very great and give you what you want. However, you should be very careful when using them so as not to get yourself in trouble. The apps have different abilities so it’s up to you to choose which app will give you the information you want with ease. Now go get a phone tracker app for Android that fits your interests.

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