How to Hide a Conversation in WhatsApp Chat on Android and iPhone


WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular Instant Messaging app which is widely available for both, Android and iOS mobile platforms. Facebook-owned Instant Messenger is now also available with its web-based version.
WhatsApp comes with a number of tips and tricks to simplify the way how you use the messaging app. Today’s tutorial is all about hiding the conversation without deleting it. If you are wondering about how you can hit WhatsApp Conversation in Android and iOS device, then the following tutorial will help you out with it.
After acquired by Facebook, WhatsApp has been releasing regular and frequent updates with a number of useful features. Over the past few months, the giant has introduced numerous updates with extraordinary features to make your communication easier. You can now share documents, photos, locations, contacts and pretty much anything from one contact to another using WhatsApp Messenger.
Fortunately, you can use the same Messaging app on your PC system through WhatsApp’s web-based application. You can easily start using WhatsApp on any PC system, it supports all the popular web-browsers so you can easily use WhatsApp by integrating it with the existing mobile phone number. You will be able to use the same WhatsApp on your PC system. The only thing you will not be able to do on the WhatsApp Web-based version is, not able to make voice and video calls.
If you are curious to know about hiding a WhatsApp Chat without deleting it from the Chat history, then the trick is very simple. You can do so with a number of methods. WhatsApp has numerous third-party apps available which let you use many more innovative features with the existing WhatsApp profile. Let’s check out the available methods to hide WhatsApp Conversation from the Chat history.

Using an Archive Feature

WhatsApp has its own Archive feature allowing users to archive the chat conversation from the history. You can also restore the archived chat by following the same method.
Here, we have included both the methods for you. Hiding a WhatsApp Conversation is called Archiving it. You don’t need any special third party app to do so. The simple feature is included in the original WhatsApp app. Following steps will guide you to archive a WhatsApp Conversation without permanently deleting it from the Chat History.
Note: We have included the method of Archiving a conversation for both, Android and iOS mobile platforms. Let’s check them out now!

Archive a WhatsApp Conversation on Android

Step 1: 
Go to the Apps menu and launch WhatsApp application on a respective Android smartphone.
Step 2: 
The front page will show you the history of chat that you have made recently. If you don’t want to see the same chat profiles, again and again, you can simply archive them without deleting it. You can get them back whenever you want.
Step 3: 
Now, to archive the chat conversation of a particular person, all you need to do is select the chat and hold it. It will be marked in the Chat Window.
Step 4: 
On the top of the screen, you will see an Archive button right there. To archive the selected chat, you need to tap on to that button.
The selected Chat is now archived and you won’t be able to see it in the Chat interface by now.
Go to: Chat Interface>> Select Profile>> Select Archive button from the top

Unarchive a WhatsApp Conversation on Android

Step 1: 
To unarchive a WhatsApp Conversation, the first thing you need to do is launching the WhatsApp on your device first.
Step 2: 
Scroll down the Chat interface on your Android device. You will see Archived conversations option there. Select this option from the Chat Interface.
Step 3: 
Once you select it, you will see a list of all the Chat profiles which were archived by you in the past.
Step 4: 
Now, to unarchive a chat, all you need to do is just select the Chat from the list by holding it.
Step 5: 
On the top bar, you will see an icon of Unarchiving it. Select the icon and the selected Conversation will be unarchived and back in the main chat interface of WhatsApp Messenger.
Go to: Chat Interface>> Scroll down to bring Archived Chats>> Select Profile>> Select Unarchive button from the top
This is what you need to do to Archive and Unarchive the Conversation from WhatsApp Messenger. Now, to do the same thing on an iOS device, you need to follow a few simple steps. iOS interface is different from Android and the steps are also different to hide the Conversation.

Archive a WhatsApp Conversation in iPhone

Step 1: 
To hide a Chat Conversation from the Chat Interface of WhatsApp on an iPhone, first, you need to launch WhatsApp application.
Step 2: 
From the Chat interface, you just need to swipe left on the Chat conversation you want to Archive.
Step 3: 
Full swipe will automatically archive the chat conversation from the interface. If you swipe a little, you will see an Archive option there, select the option to Archive that conversation.
This is how you can archive a Conversation of WhatsApp on iPhone or any other iOS devices where you use WhatsApp.
Go to: Chat Interface>> Select Profile>> Swipe left>> Select Archive option
Now, you must be wondering about unarchiving a chat from the Chat Interface on iPhone. The process is pretty simple and you can easily Unarchive the Chat from iPhone. Following steps will help you to do so.

Unarchive a WhatsApp Conversation on iPhone

Step 1: 
Go to the Apps menu and launch WhatsApp on your iPhone.
Step 2: 
Scroll down a bit and you will see an option Archived Chats.
Step 3: 
Select this option and you will be presented with a list of previously archived chats by you on the iPhone.
Step 4: 
To Unarchive a chat from this list, you just need to swipe left by selecting the conversation. Just like the Archive option, you will see the Unarchive option here. Select the Unarchive option and the selected conversation will be unarchived from the list and you will be able to see the conversation back in the main Chat Interface of WhatsApp.
Go to: Chat Interface>> Scroll up>> Select Archived Profile>> Swipe left>> Select Unarchive option
Alternatively, you can also make use of the Search bar available on the main chat interface. Select the Search bar and enter the name of the conversation you want to unarchive from the list. Once you get the profile, swipe left and select Unarchive button. The selected chat will be unarchived right away!
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