Is Tor Browser Safe? Why should you use it?


Tor is a software package and a network which can help you in being anonymous while using the internet. It is very helpful in accessing the dark and deep web websites and you would be able to make your web history totally hidden from the outside world. Tor plays an important role in our day to day internet activities and hides the destination and source of your Internet traffic.

If you want to access the deep web and you do not want to get identified while accessing those sites, then Tor browser is perfectly for you. This anonymous browser has been in development for several years and is very mature and stable. It is considered as one of the best vital tools available currently and it would not cost you anything. You do not have to pay anything to use it and it is free of cost. This article would help you in educating about the Tor Browser and why you should use it.

Handle your Privacy

Privacy is vital in our life and we need it sometimes for sure. For example, if you are having any serious diseases and you want to search for the information relating to it but you do not want every advertiser and Google to know about your embarrassing medical condition. In this case, Tor can help you in keeping all of your medical information safe and private. It would help you in stopping online tracking more easily without any problem. With the proper use of Tor, you can avoid using third party trackers which most corporations and governments can always use to track your browsing practice and send you irrelevant advertisements. It can handle your data safely from the hackers on your network. You should stop bothering about anything while accessing the Tor browser as it would handle everything efficiently.

Secure and Faster

If you want to make your Tor secure and faster, then one of the best things you should do is setting up a Tor relay. By doing this, the speed and security of Tor would increase and anonymity would be improved. Tor browser is really safe if you are taking into consideration all the vital factors. If you are going to visit the dark web or deep web, then Tor can help in hiding your IP address. Once it is done, nobody would have any power to track your IP address of the system. All the operating systems are supported by the Tor browser.

Truly Anonymous

Tor browser is helpful in maintaining anonymity and your web history would never access by others for sure. Are you interested in accessing any blocked content or destination or resources? If yes, then you can do it with the help of Tor browser by staying anonymous. It is considered to be an effective circumvention tool.  The one weakness in anonymity is in Tor’s reliance on nodes that relay your traffic. It means that the node you enter through to access the Tor network can see your IP address. The node you exit can see your destination. However, this data is not enough to betray your privacy but for those who want to negate even this weakness, one can consider using VPN alongside Tor for additional privacy.

Fully Comfortable

The good news is that Tor browser is compatible with several gadgets and you would not face any problem at all. You would be able to install and use a Tor browser Mac version or Tor browser Android. It would depend upon the device which you are using at that time. There are many people who only prefer Tor browser for the security functions.


When it comes to safety, Tor browser is really safe for those people who want to access the deep web and dark web without being tracked by the Internet service provider, security agencies and the government. It is also true that it has a dark side which you should be aware of it. It is not related to the software but the places from where it gives access on the internet. You might have heard about the Dark web as it is that portion of the internet which is mainly used for operating illegal activities such as the sales of drugs, prostitution and child pornography. Tor browser is also used by the people to access the dark web and using it would lead you into dark places.

Over to You

Tor has many benefits as it is a vital way to get online anonymity and you should use it if you find it necessary. Make sure you are using in a right way and it is safe and easy to use. It is designed in such a way to minimize the chances of eavesdropping and spying. Tor is the best option what we have right now to access the dark contents. It would be vital for you to understand that you should not touch the Tor’s default setting unless you are fully aware of it. That is mainly because once you enabled plugins and JavaScript, then it would lead to leaking the IP address.

Finally, it has been cleared that Tor browser is safe and secure to use. So, what are you waiting for? Go for it now and stay tuned with TechnoCodex for more updates

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