5 Most Common WordPress Errors and Their Solutions


Today WordPress has crossed its one and half decade and now this multilingual supported and free open source web development CMS (Content Management System) is 15 years old. After passing a long journey, still, this web development platform maintains its charm as previous and also it is the first choice of web developers and programmers towards the creation of an advanced functional, bug-free and elegant looking trendy website.

There are a lot of users exist, who have to face some errors while the building a website with WordPress. Here we are going to talk about some of the most common WordPress errors. List out below the common errors of WordPress along with the reason of their occurrence and solution.

  1. Establishing a database connection Error

At the time of the installation of the WordPress or to check the website on the server many times a user have to suffer from a database error. When this has occurred, a website shows an error message at website loading time as “establishing a database connection error”.

The reason of occurring a database connection error

This error occurs because of improper database connectivity with the WordPress at its installation time. The database is like the breath of a WordPress website because it holds the overall data of a particular website such as page information, posts, etc. Without the database, a website will not be able to exist on the web server.


Whenever you are facing an error regarding the database connection of a website in WordPress, check the wp-config.php file that does you fill the exact database name, username, password, and server at the installation time or not and set “define(‘WP_ALLOW_REPAIR’, true);”. Besides this, you can also check the admin panel of your website. If still the same error message has occurred then you can contact your hosting service provider regarding the database connectivity issue.

  1. 500 Internal Server Error

It is a kind of an internal server error which is a usual issue due to mislead in the HTTP status code. 500 internal server error simply refers that there is something wrong or disturbance in your web server. Whenever this error occurs an error notification message will show on your website like “500 Internal Server Error”, “HTTP-5 – Internal Server Error”, “500 Error”, etc.

The reason for occurring 500 Internal Server Error

Such kinds of internal server error are generally generated by the web server. Apart from this, if there is anything wrong in the programming or coding section of a website, 500 internal error will appear.


500 is one of the most common WordPress error as well as it has some easiest solution. When a 500 internal error appears on a website, just re-load the website again, you can also delete or clear the browser cache or cookies from your computer or from any other device that you are using like a smartphone, tablet, etc.

  1. 404 Error

A 404 error does not merely affect the entire website, in fact, this error can affect a particular page, section, or image of a website. That simply means, if a website is suffering from 404 error, whenever a visitor visit on that website they see 404-page error on a particular section or post instead of the whole site.

The reason for occurring 404 error

This 404-page error generally appears because a single post, page or image in no longer available and did not exist on the web server, or the developer change the location of a particular page.


Many WordPress use has faced such type on error once in a while. To overcome this issue you can reset and re-save the permalink of your website under the setting option a the website’s admin panel. As well as you can also re-check the .htaccess file under the root directory of WordPress files.

  1. Memory Exhaust Error

The web server needs memory to run and execute multiple web applications on the server at the same time. A hosting server provides a specific memory size to each of its clients. If a website has a data more than that more size then simply the server shows an error which is known as memory exhaust error.

The reason of occurring Memory Exhaust Error

This error appears due to upload a heavy amount of web data on the server with less memory size and hosting space.


To increase the WordPress memory limit you need to edit wp-config file in your WordPress directory and set it as define( ‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’);.

  1. Connection Timed Out Error

If a website needs too much time to load and in the end, the web server shows nothing except a message that this “page is not available,” this situation tells that your connection has timed out. This kind of error is known as “Connection Timed Out Error.”

The reason of occurring connection timed out error

This error generally occurs on a heavy website that means a website with so many pages and images in it. Mainly web servers are not been able to handle such kind of heavy website’s due to which these websites take too much time to load, but did not load successfully.


To resolve this issue, at first you need to increase the limit of your PHP memory, deactivate unrequired plugins, themes, and widgets form the admin section.

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