9 Ways in Which Drone Technology Revolutionizes Real Estate Imagery


A good picture speaks louder and clearer than a thousand words. In real estate, the eye plays a cardinal role in buying decisions. The reason is that people buy things that please their eyes. This means that excellent images, whether still or motion, are significant in influencing buyers’ final decisions. But how do you get such images that will have a compelling impact that will swing a prospect’s mind in favor of a piece of property? The answers to this question bring drone filming and photographing technology into view.

In the remaining sections of this post, we will examine how drone technology is revolutionizing the real estate industry. Just like all other industries, real estate is also embracing drone technology to capture crispy and spicy photos and videos to show prospects. With drones, real estate agents can give potential buyers and renters a 3D view of properties and their environments. For instance, a drone film can give prospects a better view of the location and culture of its inhabitants. That is why research shows that more than 70% of homebuyers watch video tours. The remaining sections of this post will explore more details regarding this technology and its impact on real estate imagery. Remain with our uk essay experts to discover how this disruptive technology is changing the landscape of this critical industry.

What Studies Are Telling Us

According to a study NAR conducted, it is clear that real estate prospects are most likely to prefer drone-shot photos. The reason is that most of these buyers depend on visual marketing to make buying or leasing decisions. Here are some of the figures the studies give us.

  • 86% of home buyers utilize video footages to get a clue of the environment they will live in.
  • 54% of potential buyers prefer watching videos to get all the details they want about a home on sale.
  • 44% of homebuyers utilize videos when comparing and contrasting different homes on offer.
  • Another 38% of them utilize films to learn more about the specific features of the houses they intend to buy or rent.

With these trends among buyers and renters, the need for quality videos and photos cannot be overemphasized.

Enhanced Buyer Experience

Our generation is different from that of our parents. In our day, time has become one of the scarcest commodities. Therefore, most people no longer have the time to go and view houses they intend to rent or buy. This means they need something that will give them a full view of their prospective new homes without going there. With tech, realtors can send drone videos and photos to prospects’ smartphones to watch at their own free time and convenience.

Enhanced Convenience for Realtors

To real estate agents, the ability to shoot clear airborne videos and photos offers them unrivalled convenience. For instance, they can spend the time they were supposed to drive prospects to sites doing other things. The reason is that the smartphone does all the work because they only need to email or WhatsApp the video clips or photos.

Better Land Survey

Another way drone technology is revolutionizing real estate is enhanced land surveying. For estate developers, they need to survey their locations thoroughly before investing their money. This way, they can get the real potential and value of the land they want to construct on. But with drone tech in place and use, they can get all the details and know if the property has serious defects that could require a change of mind.

A Better View of Reality

Since real estate decisions are visual, it is necessary to give potential buyers and leasers a clear view of the property they intend to inhabit. For instance, a drone will give the prospect a distinct footage of how the property looks like on the ground level, the sides, and the roof. Moreover, the footages can give prospective buyers an aerial view of the environment they will live in. For example, they can see how the neighborhood looks like, the kind of facilities that surround it, and its road network.

Ease of Sharing Across Different Platforms

Since visuals sit at the center of all marketing activities, drone-shot pictures and videos are critical in enhancing such marketing processes. In the age of online marketing, agents can use these videos and photos across different online and offline platforms. For instance, they can utilize and integrate them into their social media marketing platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest. They can also integrate them into their landing pages, and blogs to engage visitors.

Greater Precision

Excellent marketing means getting things right, even if it may not be on the first attempt. Using drone, you can be sure of getting more excellent videos and photos with higher resolution. For instance, modern drones allow you to use programs to calculate the best angles from which you can shoot your clips and snaps. This means you give your prospective customers a better view than when using traditional methods.

Greater Safety

Another way through which drone video and photo tech is redefining real estate is enhanced Construction safety With these tools, you can get accurate information regarding high-altitude installations without exposing anyone to danger.

Greater Quality for Less Money

Moreover, it is cheaper to buy or rent a drone for better aerial views than it is to rent a helicopter. For instance, you could pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to rent a helicopter per day. However, with as little as $2,000, you can buy your own professional drone and get better quality shots. Here is the Nano drone list which you might be interested in.

Creating the Buzz

Lastly, you can use these tools to create the much-needed “tech-savvy buzz and aura” around your business. The reason is that they are still trendy, and they can elevate your company’s tech-savvy profile in the minds of your customers.

So far, we have spilled all the beans we needed to in this discourse. We hope you are now up to date with how this technology is revolutionizing real estate imagery.

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