Top 5 Must have Android Apps for June 2019


Every month, thousands of apps are developed by app developers and are launched to enhance our smartphone experience. As there are tons of apps launched every day, it becomes harder to check out each and every app. But no worry, we have shortlisted 5 must-have Android Apps that have been launched in June 2019. So, make sure to check out these apps to enhance your smartphone productivity.

1. Dinggo

Have you subscribed too many streaming services and got confused about what to watch? Well, Dinggo is a one-stop solution for you. This app allows you to select various streaming services you have subscribed for. Once you are done, then pick a genre or two of TV shows or movies that you might be into. Once you are done with all of these settings, this app will show you the most relevant feeds depending upon the criteria you have set.

Just swipe through a range of options from all your different streaming services, so you aren’t stuck with just one service’s recommendations. This will help you to make better decision to watch a variety of contents online from streaming services. Not only that you can also share the recommendation you get with your friends and family to watch the favorite contents together.

This is a free and lightweight app available on PlayStore to download. This app is available in just 14MB of package size. So, you can download this app without being concerned about your device storage.

2. Curator

Curator is the first ever Gallery to organize your photos using Artificial Intelligence entirely Offline to make looking for your photos intuitive and faster without compromising on privacy. The app allows you to tag photos and search through photos based on those tags. This makes it easier for you to search through the thousands of photos that you probably have on your device.

To make the operation easier for the users, this app includes convenient gestures to navigate and interact with your photos, without the unnecessary layers like other galleries. In this app, you are given with two sections named Private and Trash Folders where the photos can be saved independently. One more unique feature of this app is, it easily recognizes scenes and people and categorizes them accordingly for a better view.

Currently, this app is in beta so it might be unstable sometimes. However, if you still want to check out the latest features in this app, you can install this app from PlayStore for free of cost.

3. Lens Distortion

If you want to add some cool lens effects to your pics, you must try out the Lens Distortion app once. This app adds a variety of lens effects to your images to make them look professional and eye-catching. Effects include natural sunlight, rain, snow, or fog, and can be shown all at once in a gallery view, making it easy to select the photo that looks best to you.

With this app, you can enlighten your dark images taken in low light with less contrast and highlights. The app is available to download for free which comes with 5 filters for free of cost. However, if you want to add some more cool effects to your pictures, you need to buy the subscription to unlock all the effects instantly.

The size of this app varies with devices. However, it is always recommended to use a high-end device to use this app efficiently to become more productive with this app. So, if you want to bring cool effects to your dark, dim picture, go and check out this app for free.

4. 1Weather

1Weather is one of the best and highly recommended weather widget available for Android. Track and view weather forecasts and current conditions for “My Location” to get real-time updates wherever you go, or add any location you choose. This app comes with a lot of features enabled to give you real-time weather updates right at your mobile device.

Whether you want to check the temperature, precipitation forecast, Doppler radar, or simply keep up with the current phases of the sun and moon, 1Weather is the one-stop destination for you. It comes with an amazing interface and design that let you easily recognize the weather on the go. One of the best features of this app is, it let you track current conditions and forecasts for your location and up to 12 locations of your choosing once at a time.

Get all types of forecasts whether be it hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly to make your plans accordingly. Apart from this, the 1Weather app covers all the features which a weather app should have. This app is available completely for free of costs. However, to make out its expenses, the company uses advertisement which can be removed on a one-time price of $1.99 USD.

5. TOR Browser

The Tor Browser is finally available in a stable version on the Google Play Store. This is one of the most advanced browsers made for Android to surf the web privately and securely. This version doesn’t require you to use workarounds to browse privately on the web. This browser features some advanced privacy-oriented features that help the users to surf the web without being concerned about their privacy.

Tor Browser isolates each website you visit so third-party trackers and ads can’t follow you. Any cookies automatically clear when you’re done browsing. It prevents someone from watching your connection from knowing what websites you visit. Even though, if anyone made themselves to keep an eye on you will only able to see that you are using TOR Browser.

All your connection over TOR Browser is three-times more encrypted than any other connection. When you use Tor Browser for Android, your traffic is relayed and encrypted three times as it passes over the Tor network. The network is comprised of thousands of volunteer-run servers known as Tor relays. The browser itself is built on Firefox, so it should look and feel pretty familiar, and it offers all the other features you would expect from a mobile browser.

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