Top 5 Must have Android Games for June 2019


Android has come a long way since its launch over a decade ago. In the same way, the games available on the platform have evolved, giving rise to some truly spectacular masterpieces that always bring the player back wanting for more. You’ll find tons of games for Android phones in the Google Play Store, but it can be challenging to identify the real gems which offer great entertainment while playing. Here, we’ve compiled some of the best Android games that are currently available. Some are free and others cost a few bucks, but all of them provide an entertaining experience on the go.

1. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Well, if you are a fan of the Harry Potter series, this is a worthy game for you to try once. From the makers of Pokemon Go, this is the latest game from Niantic Inc. This is the real-world augmented reality (AR) game inspired by the Wizarding World that puts magic in the hands of players worldwide. You have to work with witches and wizards from across the globe to solve the mystery of The Calamity and keep magic safe from Muggle eyes.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite comes with stunning graphics and has entertaining gameplay. Like Pokemon Go, you will have to explore the world in real-time locations. You have to explore the map and find the traces of magic that indicate the location of foundables. You’ll need to cast a variety of spells to defeat the confounding magic surrounding the Foundables in order to safely return them to the wizarding world.

Complete different challenges and level up your experience to compete with other players globally. The controls of this game are fairly very simple. Even some of you find it too simple for you. Ready your wand, alert your friends and be ready to protect the wizarding world from a global calamity. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite comes with great graphics under a compact package size of just 61MB. So, if you haven’t checked out this game, go and give it a try!

2. WWE Universe

WWE Universe has been one of the biggest franchises with huge fans following. We all have grown watching WWE Superstars into action, but what if you can control your favorite superstar to win the battles against others? Well, this game lets you experience the same. This game is developed by one of the finest developers, Glu. Play as your favorite Superstars from EVERY generation.

The best feature of this game is, it offers real moves, real chants, real voices, and real music make this the ultimate game for the WWE Universe. Not only this, the WWE Universe game features the authentic storyline that let you experience the game like never before. Time your tap to deliver your favorite Superstars signature moves with easy and one-touch controls.

This is a multiplayer game that allows you to play with your friends. Join a Club or create your own to access exclusive events and win the top prizes. Once your roster is ready to fight with others, put your rosters into Roster Battles to compete against users from around the world. This game features stunning graphics and gameplay to let you entertain anytime, anyplace.  This game is available to download for free on PlayStore. So, check out this game and play as your favorite superstars.

3. Rome: Total War – Barbarian Invasion

The 2005 expansion to Rome: Total War has finally joined the Android platform. Although the concept of the game is still the same for Android as it was on PC, the interface of the game has been remastered keeping in vision to mobile devices. Engage in turn-based strategy and real-time battles to determine the fate of Rome.

Battle for the glory of your tribe against the Roman Empire right on your mobile screen. The game features a 3D environment that let you enjoy the intensive battle in action. Turn your screen into a dynamic battlefield with thousands of units in action.

This game offers high-end graphics that require a high-end device to run this game efficiently. From the developers’ end, it is recommended to use a device with at least 3GB of RAM and at least Snapdragon 670 SoC. Rome: Total War is available on PlayStore to download at a one-time payment of $4.99 USD. So, if you are a fan of Total War franchise, check out this game once on your Android device.

4. Layton: Pandora’s Box

This week Level 5 released a remastered version of the classic Layton trilogy on Android. Play as Professor Layton, the world-renowned archaeologist, and his trusty assistant Luke that have tackled some of the toughest mysteries in the world. Get onboard to the Molentary Express and get ready to roll on to the adventurous journey full of twists and turns.

This game features a distinctive artistic style that brings the old-world charm of the Layton Series to life, this delightful adventure will have you traveling into the unknown alongside Professor Layton and Luke. Professor Layton brings around 1500 brain teasers which include slide puzzles, matchstick puzzles, and even trick questions to flex players’ observation, logic, and critical thinking skills.

This game has been artistically crafted for mobile devices to bring a very clean and immersive environment. Layton: Pandora’s Box is available to play in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. This is also paid game which costs $9.99 USD as a one-time payment. Even after having a great content bundled with flexible graphics, this game comes in a compact package size of just 74MB. So, if you love training your brain in your spare time, go and give this game a try.

5. Attack on Titan: Assault

Attack on Titan: Assault is a 3D turn-based RPG with action elements licensed by Kodansha and created by GameSamba. Immerse yourself in the desperate, distressing and thrilling atmosphere of Attack on Titan as you experience key events from the anime firsthand. This game allows you to build your own team of Titans slayers by collecting and training characters from the Attack on Titan anime.

Join other players worldwide to test your squad’s caliber in the PvP battle. This game features an interactive environment and an amazing gameplay storyline to let you engage in the game thoroughly. Explore the world of Attack on Titan by utilizing the Omni Directional Mobility gear. Fly through the air, and parkour across rooftops as you fight against the Titan threat.

Recruit original characters such as Eren Jeager and Mikasa Ackermann from the anime to fight for your squad. Choose from dozens of hero cards to build you Titan fighting team. Being a multiplayer game, you can fight with other enemies with your friends in your squad. This is a free-to-play game available on PlayStore that features stunning graphics. So, if you are fans of Titans, go and play this game right now on your mobile device.

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