How to Use Twitter Likes for Your Business


Building a business in 2019 requires plenty of promotion and advertising online. Social media offers the quickest and most profitable ways of reaching your customers and increasing brand awareness. And, what better and faster way to engage with your clients is there than Twitter?

Twitter is one of the social media giants that enable you to share content, talk to celebrities and get in touch with any company on earth through simple 140-character messages. If you want to boost the success of your business, you will need to get more likes from more people on Twitter and use them accordingly. Here is how to do it!

Have a solid tweeting plan

Before you start growing your brand on Twitter it is a good idea to have a solid tweeting plan. Take the time to schedule your tweets for a whole week or even a full month ahead. Consider themes for every day of the week, such as:

  • Monday Giveaways
  • Tuesday Links to “How-to” videos
  • Wednesday User Generated-Content
  • Thursday Behind the Scenes Photos
  • …and so on

With the exception of some hazardous events that could turn your schedule upside down, a solid plan should last you a great deal of time, build follower loyalty and attract more likes for your tweets.

Stick to the point

When you tweet something new, you don’t have to fill the entire 140-character limit. There are 500 million tweets sent each day. You will want to stick to the point and not bore your readers. A quick, straightforward message and a link that leads to your website should be enough.

Tweet as often as you can

One secret to building a reputation on Twitter is tweeting something new almost every hour. Even if you just leave emojis or short comments on other people’s tweets, it still counts as intense activity. The platform’s algorithm will reward your enthusiastic involvement by putting your tweets at the top of people’s feeds. This strategy should enable you to attract more likes from your followers.

Always reply to relevant tweets

You should never miss a chance to answer someone who responds to your tweets. Regardless of the nature of their comments, you should find a way to prove your presence on the network. Potential customers will see that you are serious about promoting your business, and they will gladly respond with likes and impressions for your tweets.

Alternatively, you should reply to relevant tweets for your niche every now and then. This way, you will be part of trending conversations and possibly attract more likes for your comments.

Enhance your audience

A surefire way of gaining massive support on Twitter for your business is to increase your audience. You can do so if you choose to buy Twitter likes from SocialBoss or, and use them to raise brand awareness. This easy and affordable strategy is much quicker and effective than waiting to build a large following organically.

Team up with influencers

There are more than 326 million people using Twitter every month. Most of these accounts are businesses, marketers, and influencers. The latter is a category of Twitter users that you can employ to grow your business.

Influencers can re-tweet your messages. They can share links to your products and services in their own tweets, and they can even promote your company to their followers. This way, you get access to potential customers who are not yet in your audience.

Leave a good impression

Twitter is a great place for advertising your business. However, it is also a social media platform renowned for its ability to attract people into quarrels, online fights, and awkward conversations. Try to refrain from entering conflicts with other users. If you want your company to have a clean image it is best to leave a good impression in every conversation you have on Twitter.

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