Tech Companies Hiring Talented Grads of All Disciplines


Technology is now a part of almost every company’s day to day operations, so it may come as no surprise that net tech employment totals 11.5 million jobs a year in the US alone. That’s more than 10 million vacancies that need filling annually. The nature of the job also allows for remote work, which means that where you live is largely irrelevant. The rapidly growing industry is no longer just for tech nerds, but requires a varied skillset which can be learnt in any industry. Whether you are a student of philosophy, history, math or art, there’s a tech job out there for you.

Do You Need a Tech Qualification to Enter the Industry?

The technology industry is now so varied that a technology qualification is less necessary than ever. The key to selling the degree you paid for is to understand the transferable skills acquired. A course in political science may set you up for a successful career in digital marketing, as would photography experience. While tech may be associated with a mathematical or scientifically-wired brain, there is a huge demand for creative types. Mike Gregoire, CEO of CA technologies, notes how creativity and so-called soft skills are becoming increasingly important as automation takes over other jobs. 

Tech Giants Need You

Google and Amazon are seen as the most attractive employers by college students, employing around 55,000 and 550,000 people respectively. There is no sign of the recruitment drive slowing down. Silicon Valley is rapidly expanding and are having to attract people of all backgrounds. Given their size and reputation, employees for these companies tend to be well compensated. Google workers can receive up to 25 paid days off a year, while Amazon staff receive full medical, prescription drug, dental, and vision coverage. 

Alternative, Cool Companies

If you are interested in tech, though, then look beyond the giants. There are startups appearing all the time, offering a cool and varied workday. Popular up and coming employers include Slack, Dropbox and Avaya. They require a diverse workforce and will stop at nothing to become close rivals with the likes of Google, Facebook and Amazon.

If playing with gadgets is your passion, then you may have never considered turning it into a living. This is especially true if you have non-tech related education or work experience. However, the tech industry, from the smallest companies to the largest, are branching out to people of all backgrounds. Why not consider making the switch and starting a new exciting career in tech?

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