Bone Conduction and Ordinary Headphones: What’s the difference?


If you are looking to buy new headphones and you aren’t sure whether to choose normal headphones or bone conduction ones now is the perfect time to learn some new details about the difference between these two types of headphones.

Of course, we have all used normal headphones, but you have to admit that bone conduction headphones look much cooler, right? Having that in mind we have decided to analyze both types of these headphones, so let’s take a look at their good and bad sides.

  1. Bone Conduction Headphones

The interesting thing about bone conduction headphones is that they don’t use sound waves and they don’t use the outer and middle ear. Instead they generate vibrations which go directly to the in ear using the skull bones. They are primarily good for people who have hearing problems.

The Good Sides

They’re safe

These headphones don’t block the ears. They even don’t have a direct close contact with the ears. This is why they are safer for use and won’t have any negative effects on your hearing.

Increased Situational Awareness

Since these headphones don’t interfere with your hearing you will be able to be aware of your environment. This is good if you are active outdoors because there are chances to lose balance or avoid other objects on your way.

No Interference

These headphones don’t interfere with the sounds you receive from the environment. Instead, you are able to hear the sounds around you at the same time as the music from your device.

Wider Applicability

Whether you have hearing problems or not you can use bone conduction headphones. So basically you get more for your investment than when you buy normal ones.

360-Degree Sound

When we speak about bone conducting headphones we can say that the final sound output is being generated using augmented reality. The sound generated this way basically creates 360-degree sound experience.

The Bad Sides


When you compare the normal headphones and the bone conducting ones the second are a bit clumsier than the normal. Because of their size you may have problems when you use them.

Inferior Sound Quality

When you compare the sound quality with the ordinary headphones the quality of the bone conduction headphones is a bit inferior. This is something worth thinking about before you purchase some of this top rated model.

Higher price

The price of the bone conduction headphones is a bit higher than the price of the normal headphones. The main reason for this is because of the technology used to build them.

Ordinary Headphones

Normal or ordinary headphones are the ones we use every day. They use vibrations to create sound waves and send them directly to our ears.

The Good Sides

Better Sound Quality

The sound quality these headphones generate is higher than the sound of the bone conducting headphones. It is therefore guaranteed to have better experience when you listen to music.

They Cost less

Ordinary headphones usually cost less than the bone conducting ones. This makes them more affordable and thus more popular today. If you decide to purchase them you will definitely save some money.

They’re more compact

The size of these headphones is more compact. They also weight less and are much smaller. This makes them easy to handle and you can also store them without problems when you are not using them.

More Comfortable

When we speak about comfort normal headphones are beating the bone conducting ones. They fit tightly and the padding deals with friction. This means you can use them for much longer time without problems.

The Bad Sides

Ambient Sound Interference

Since these headphones function through audio waves it is normal that sounds from the environment can interfere.  This can affect the quality of the sound you want to hear.

Narrow Applicability

If you are suffering from some hearing issues you won’t be able to use these headphones. This mean you get less for the money you pay. We have already mentioned that bone conduction headphones can be used by both people with and without hearing problems.

Subjects Ears to Damages

Since they have to be plugged into the ears for a longer period of time they may cause some ear damage like damaged eardrums, low sound insensitivity and so on.

What’s the difference between these headphones?

Structural Makeup

Maybe the biggest difference between these headphones is the Structural makeup. The design of the bone conducting headphones is focused on the head region, not the ears. On the other hand normal headphones are more compatible with the different shapes of the head region and their size is much smaller as well.

Intended Uses

People with hearing problems can use bone conduction headphones and the good side is that people without such problems can use them too. Also, if there is excessive ambient noise and crowded places, they are just perfect. Unfortunately, we can’t say this about normal headphones since they don’t perform well in such situations.


The way they work is different. Bone conduction headphones use the bones of your skull to transfer the vibrations to the inner ear. Alternatively, normal headphones transmit these vibrations using sound waves directly to your ears.

The Surrounding

If the environment is not so loud normal headphones are recommended. On the other side, bone conduction headphones work perfectly in loud and crowded environment. This is possible because they allow you to listen to your favorite music and stay in touch with the surrounding sounds.


There are some details missing in this analysis, but we are sure you have managed to get the good and bad sides of both types of headphones. On the other hand, maybe you are interested to dig deeper and continue with the analysis before you make your final decision.

No matter what, we hope we have made it easier for you to decide now when you know the good and bad sides of both. Making the final decision is now a much simpler task.

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