How to Redeem Pre-Order DLC in Kingdom Heart 3


You may have already know that Kingdom Heart 3 comes with some goodies if you make a pre-purchase to this game. It comes with different bonuses depending on the platform from where you make the purchase. Like you know that Kingdom Heart 3 is available to Pre-Order on PlayStation 4, Xbox One Store and on Amazon. So, whenever, you buy from these platforms you are rewarded with some additional goodies.

For instance, if you make a pre-purchase to physical edition of this game, you may be rewarded with art cards, pins, keychain figurines, a poster, and many more things. However, in the case of pre-order of Digital Edition, Kingdom Heart reward you Keyblades which you can use in the game. The distribution of these Keyblades depends upon from where you had made this purchase:

  • PS4 Custom Keyblade – ordering on the PlayStation Store.
  • Xbox Custom Keyblade – ordering for the Xbox One.
  • Dawn Till Dusk Keyblade – ordering from Amazon.
  • Starlight Keyblade – complete challenges in Kingdom Hearts Union Cross.

Now, in the case of PS4 Custom Keyblade and Xbox Custom Keyblade, they got installed automatically when you make the purchase and download the game from PlayStation Store and Xbox One respectively. But there’s a different scenario when you buy this title from Amazon or you get a unique DLC code on the completion of challenges.  So, here are the steps through which you can redeem your Keyblades in Kingdom Heart 3.

PlayStation 4

If you want to redeem your Kingdom Heart DLC for PlayStation 4, follow these steps.

⇒ Go to the Home Screen of your PlayStation Store.

⇒ You’ll see an option in the sidebar stating “Redeem Code click on it.

⇒ Now enter the code you have and hit Redeem.

Xbox One

If you want to redeem your Kingdom Heart DLC for Xbox One, follow these steps.

⇒ Tap on Guide Button on the Controller.

⇒ Move to the Marketplace tab and click on the “ Redeem Code” option.

⇒ Now enter the code and hit Redeem.

In this way, you can redeem your DLC code and get rewarded. All of your items will be stored in your inventory. You can check them out after redeeming your DLC code. So, this is a simple and clear way to redeem your Pre-Order DLC in Kingdom Heart 3.

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