OnePlus TV 55-inch U1 4K TV Review


Last year in 2019, OnePlus – one of the popular smartphone brands launched its first Smart TV. At that time, there was a mixed reaction from people out there as OnePlus TV Q1 series was undoubtedly one of the finest smart TVs, but with prices starting at Rs. 69,999, it is still far too expensive for many to even consider. And so, the company went off to find an alternative solution to drive the audience in the competitive smart TV market.

After months of its first TV, the company has now launched the OnePlus TV U series and Y series, with a tag as one of the most affordable smart TVs with excellent specs and features. Today, we are reviewing one of the TV from the freshly launched U series. To be precise, we will be reviewing today the OnePlus TV 55U1 4K LED Android TV which is a single 55-inch with a competitive price of Rs. 49,999.

The thing that gives this TV popularity is the company’s promise where the company claims that this smart TV has everything else that you’d get with the OnePlus TV Q1 series, along with various software tweaks and improvements that were shipped to the Q1 series since its launch. Well, if you are also attracted to it and thinking over to buy it, we will advise you to read this OnePlus TV 55-inch U1 4K TV Review to know whether it is a good option to consider if you’re looking for a not-so-expensive big-screen 4K HDR TV. So, let’s dive in to get an in-depth review of the newly launched smart TV from ONePlus. 

Inbox Contents

Let’s start with the inbox content. On opening, the review unit sent to us, we got our main product, i.e., OnePlus TV 55-inch U1 4K Android TV, an advanced remote with inbuilt Google Assistant, and two AAA Battery that fuels the battery. In addition, you’ll get a Table Stand to place your TV on a horizontal plane and the last thing you’ll get in the box is a User-Manual. So, these are the things that you will be getting inside the box of the OnePlus TV 55-inch U1 4K Android TV.

Physical Overview

Now, coming over to the design of the TV or simply, physical overview. Just like any other product from OnePlus, this new smart TV is as premium as they come. It has a very slim display at the top measuring just 6.9mm thick with the device’s internals such as the motherboard and other components placed at the bottom. This gives it a very premium look which is even not seen in some ultra-premium TVs nowadays.

At the bottom of the TV, you will find a four-unit front-firing speaker system. You will find the connectivity panel at the bottom right of the TV that houses the different ports of the TV — including three HDMI ports and two USB ports. Since we are talking about its physical overview, we rate it 10/10 in physical appearance. Either you wall mount the TV or put it on the stand, this smart TV looks premium in every form.

Display and Configurations

OnePlus TV 55U1

Just like its physical overview, the company has shipped the TV with one of the finest displays. The OnePlus TV U1 features a massive 55-inch 4K (native 3840×2160-pixel) resolution display that uses LED-backlit technology. The display has a striking screen-to-body ratio at 95 percent and the promise of support for the wide DCI-P3 93 percent color gamut.

The company calls the display as Cinematic display that comes with the support for Dolby Vision and other high-profile display technologies to offer the best picture as well as audio quality. This smart TV comes loaded with the company’s Gamma Engine, which promises real-time image quality optimization and features such as Super Resolution and MEMC. This new technology improves the experience of watching movies, sports and even playing games on TV.

Now coming to the configurations which you get in the OnePlus TV U1. This smart TV is provided with 3 HDMI ports, all are placed at the bottom-back side of the TV. In addition, you’ll get 2 USB ports one RJ45 port, Audio Out port, and a Headphone Jack. Moreover, you’ll get WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity on this TV.

Apart from this, the OnePlus TV U1 runs on the Android 9 Pie with OnePlus’ Oxygen Play baked into it. All together they bring access to thousands of apps to the user, as well as the convenience of Google Assistant and Chromecast. The TV also comes with the most popular apps pre-installed and tries to provide you the best Android TV experience there can be had on a mid-range TV right now.

There’s also a Kids Mode feature that allows children to enjoy “healthy content” with the OnePlus TV U Series. However, the most interesting of the extra features is the support for the OnePlus Connect app, which now can be found both on Android and iOS devices.

This app promises a lot of extra functionality and even lets you control your TV U1 straight from your smartphone’s screen brings features like TypeSync which lets you type or speak directly into your phone to control your smart TV without having to use a traditional remote to search for keywords.

Remote and its Features

OnePlus TV 55U1 Remote

With the new TV, the company brings back the same traditional remote that was sent with the Q1 series with some additional refinements. The 55U1’s remote is plastic and runs on AAA batteries. It is light and very comfortable to use.

There is a D-pad for navigation at the top, a Google Assistant button, Android navigation keys, hotkeys for Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, and regular volume and mute buttons on this remote. It can be controlled with both Bluetooth and IR connectivity.

Surprisingly, there is no power button at this remote. The OnePlus button controls power when the TV is in standby, and a long-press shows the restart, shut down, and standby options. This button also activates the Oxygen Play launcher with a short press when the TV is on.


Another area where the OnePlus TV U1 really impresses is in the audio department. While it’s is true that the in-built speakers won’t be a substitute for a 5.1-inch home theatre system placed in your living room. But if you don’t own one of these already, then the U1’s 30W box speaker setup could very well help you live without it.

Consisting of four drivers (two full-range speakers and two tweeters), these speakers are quite loud and even have a decent base for in-built speakers. It also supports Dolby Atmos which further helps improve the sound quality of the device.


So should you buy the OnePlus TV U1? If you ask us, we will definitely give you a green light if you have the budget or looking for a 4K TV in this price range. However, that’s all depends on what you are looking for on your TV. 

If you are looking for a smart TV that offers great performance, has a good display, and a premium look, you can undoubtedly go with the OnePlus TV U1. It brings support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos and pairs it with a number of other premium features that make it stand out in the crowd for this budget.


OnePlus TV 55-inch U1 4K TV

If you are looking for a smart TV that offers great performance, has a good display, and a premium look, you can undoubtedly go with the OnePlus TV U1.

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