Should I Purchase A Fire Cape in OSRS?


Old School RuneScape is one of the best MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game) of all time, with millions of active players across the globe. Developer Jagex has pushed major QOL updates since the launch of Old School RuneScape in 2013, along with engine optimizations and new content.

As most of you may already know, Fire Cape is one of the strongest Melee capes in OSRS right after the Infernal Cape, thanks to its +4 Strength bonus and +11 defensive stats. It’s also possible to store a Fire Cape in a cape rack for decoration.

If you are looking forward to purchasing a Fire Cape in OSRS, then be sure to go through this guide for more info on Fire Cape and Fire Cape services.

Why should you buy a Fire Cape in OSRS?

In Old School RuneScape, there are several important reasons to obtain a Fire Cape. It not only gives you strength and defense bonus stats but also lets you unlock access to new areas.

For further progress to Mor UI Rek (also called as TzHaar City) underneath Karamja volcano, you will have to show your Fire Cape to the TzHaar-Ket guards. The Fire Cape can be exchanged for entry to Inferno as well. But, you will have to give it away to TzHaar-Ket-Keh as a one-time fee.

You can also trade a Fire Cape with TzHaar-Mej-Jal for obtaining 8000 Tokkul or the Tzrek-Jad pet. You can even craft a Fire Max Cape by combining a Fire Cape and a Max Cape.

As appealing as it may sound, obtaining a Fire Cape isn’t easy. You will have to complete the TzHaar Fight Cave and slay OSRS’s two of the most powerful mobs without getting killed.

Also, in case you die in the level 20 Wilderness (or above), your Fire Cape will remain unusable until you give 50,000 GP to Perdu for repairing it.

If you don’t have enough levels to encounter and defeat TzTok-Jad (level 702) and Ket-Zek (level 360) in the TzHaar Fight Cave, then it would take you hours of grinding before you can even enter the cave.

However, several websites that offer OSRS services also provide a Fire Cape service for new players. You can pay for the service and give your Old School RuneScape account to another experienced player, who can beat the TzTok Jad in a few hours and obtain a Fire Cape for you.

Sites that offer OSRS Fire Cape service

Trusted and reliable OSRS trading websites, such as Food4RS, Sythe, MMOGAH, SpartaRS, and RPGStash are currently offering Fire Cape services for Old School Runescape, at a starting price of $10. Some sites even accept OSRS GP as payment.

Most of the sites don’t ask you for your bank PIN, so your valuable OSRS items are safe from being stolen. However, we highly recommend players to continue at their own risk before giving away RuneScape account credentials for the Fire Cape service. We won’t be responsible for account theft or missing OSRS items.

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