Top 5 Best Android Apps For July 2020


While Android is available on almost every mobile device in some form, apps are what redefines the experience. You can not only customize the user experience as per your requirement but also extend the functionalities of Android in several ways. Apps help you keep up with day-to-day tasks as well.

However, a lot of quality Android apps are often buried underneath the featured apps on Play Store’s curated lists, which is why many of us rely on the same app to do specific tasks.

Our goal is to introduce you to new and modern Android apps, which can be seen as an alternative to the apps you already use. You should definitely check out this list of top 5 best Android apps for July 2020, and come back once again next month. We cover it for iOS as well!

1. Rainway

Rainway lets you play your PC games on any of your personal devices, including the ones powered by Android. Whether you are in another room or miles away from your home, you can always connect to your PC and enjoy playing your favorite titles on an Android smartphone or tablet.

To minimize latency, Rainway establishes a direct connection between your Android device and PC instead of connecting over their servers. If you have a high-speed internet connection at home, then you can stream games at your preferred resolution with a solid 60FPS (or higher) lock, assuming that you are on the same network or connected to a high-speed Ethernet or Wi-Fi hotspot.

It doesn’t matter which store platform (e.g., Steam, Uplay, Epic Games, Origin) the game belongs to. Installing the Rainway client on your Windows PC will automatically scan for all the games you have on the drives, which you can then play on any Android device you want. As long as your PC is powerful enough to encode the stream continuously while running intensive games, you can enjoy single-player or even multiplayer games with minimal latency. In addition, you can pair your DualShock 4 or Xbox One controller to your Android device over Bluetooth, which Rainway will auto-detect and set up a virtual controller on your PC over the network. You can also connect a keyboard and mouse to your Android device for playing PC games via Rainway.

Rainway is completely free to use. There are no in-app advertisements or hidden purchases. It’s also available for Android TV. Go to to install the Windows 10 client and set up your own game streaming server!

2. Multiness

Multiness is an NES emulator for Android devices, offering the same set of features as other emulators. However, you can now play classic co-op games with your friends over either LAN or an online connection.

By logging in with your preferred social network, you can invite up to three additional friends on different connections to play co-op NES titles on Multiness. Depending on the network connection and stability, you and your friends won’t encounter desync issues, unless the connection is dropped. You can also create a public server that anyone can join.

Multiness is an accurate NES emulator, which uses the Nestopia core as its base rendering engine. It does support save and load states, even when you are playing multiplayer titles. The same applies to the cheat engine. You can also change the display mode, as well as edit the on-screen button layout to your preference. The filtering effect is accessible from the settings.

With Multiness, you won’t have to rely on a VoIP or messaging app anymore, as it already integrates text and voice chat services. Assuming that you are sourcing game ROMs from legal sources, you will be assigned as the host by default. Friends that you have invited to a game session won’t have to get the ROM separately. Multiness does also support hardware controllers, and you get the option to remap button functions in the app.

Multiness is a free and open-source app. It still is in an early stage of development. However, most of the features are in a working state. The app does have a few ads throughout the interface, but you can pay ₹60 to remove the advertisements and support the developers.

3. BaconReader for Reddit

The official Reddit app gets the job done, but it does fall behind in some aspects. If most of your web browsing session is spent on Reddit, then definitely give BaconReader for Reddit a try.

BaconReader is currently one of the best third-party Reddit clients available for Android devices. There are dozens of interface customization options, and the interface is much more intuitive to use compared to the official Reddit app. You get multiple theming options as well, with choices ranging from light to pitch dark backgrounds. It also has color-coded comment threads, making it much easier to follow up with replies. You can also change the font size as per your requirement.

BaconReader for Reddit also different modes for efficient browsing, which are list view, card view, slideshow, along with a split-screen mode for Android phablets and tablets. You also get the option to upload images in comments, as well as format text from the dedicated formatting toolbar in the app. BaconReader even lets you filter specific keywords, subreddits, and NSFW content from your post timeline. You can award gold on posts and replies from your favorite subreddits.

The client does include a complete set of moderator tools, including access to modmail, spam reports, and approval/removal options. You can choose from default subreddit flairs or create a custom flair from the BaconReader client as well. The inbox is well-organized, and you get granular control over alerts and notifications. One of the best features of BaconReader is the “Draw mode,” which lets you edit images or create original memes and share it instantly on any of the subreddits you are following.

Furthermore, BaconReddit supports multiple account logins, plus secure authentication via the Reddit OAuth framework. For those who use Multireddit frequently to view multiple subreddits at once, the app does support the feature.

BaconReader for Reddit can be downloaded for free from the Play Store. You can also purchase BaconReader Premium for Reddit for ₹130 to remove advertisements from the app.

4. AudioRelay

AudioRelay turns your Android device to a wireless speaker for your Windows PC. It doesn’t require you to log in to a service or go through a long setup process. All you need to do is install the AudioRelay companion app on your PC, then use the AudioRelay app on your Android device to connect to it over a LAN connection.

You can also connect your regular earphones or headphones to your Android device instead of listening to PC audio from the tiny speakers. Since it works over a local connection, there is little to no difference in terms of latency. You can also use USB tethering as a form of connection between your PC and mobile device.

AudioRelay uses Opus audio codec for high-quality audio and efficient network usage. However, you get the option to change the audio buffer settings as per your liking. You can also use music apps on your Android device while using AudioRelay.

You can use the app for free, but it does use non-intrusive advertisements for monetization. For notification playback controls, custom audio buffer settings, and zero ads, you can buy a lifetime AudioRelay license from the app for ₹390.

5. Notes by Firefox

Notes by Firefox is a notepad app from the Mozilla Corporation, an industry leader in providing internet security. You can take simple notes and memos, create to-do lists with the app, which then gets synced with your Firefox account.

The app has cross-platform integration so that you can use Notes by Firefox on multiple devices. If you use the Mozilla Firefox web browser on a daily basis, then you can install the Notes by Firefox extension and access the notes you have taken on your Android device, assuming that you are logged in with the same Firefox account.

The app also guarantees end-to-end encryption to keep your personal notes protected from prying eyes. Notes by Firefox is currently in early access, and you can get it from the Play Store for free.

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