Keep Your Kids Safe Through These Innovative Gadgets


The world is changing rapidly. Smart technologies are slowly taking over the world. To make it worse, our children have access to these technologies, worst of them all being the internet. While the internet is a great place for our children to enhance their knowledge, it’s safety is questionable. With so many cases of cyberbullying, scams, and frauds, parents have every reason to be worried. Ironically, when technology becomes a problem, it’s still the same technology that will solve it.

Many technologies have been developed to keep your child safe not only on the internet but also out there in the streets. In the U.S. alone, almost 800,000 children are reported missing every year. It is enough reason for any parent to be worried. You need these techs to help you know where your child is in case of a problem.

Keep your kids safe through these top 5 innovative gadgets:

1. Tinitell

It has been branded to be the world’s smallest mobile phone. It’s a durable and affordable wrist mobile phone for kids. It has a single button, a micro SIM, Bluetooth, flash drive pot and an accelerometer. It was invented mainly as a way to help parents keep an eye on their kids.

Parents can use the app to see when their kids are not moving. When the Tinitell is still for two minutes, it sends a message to the parent. When a kid is in distress, he/she presses and holds the call button and says who they want to call. The voice recognition goes ahead and matches the voice command with the prerecorded voice labels. The tiny phone can also receive calls from any other cellphone.

2. eKavach

It’s a smart technology that helps parents to monitor the activities of their kids on the internet as well as know their location. It’s available in both iOS and Android platforms. All a parent needs to do is download it on their phone and their kid’s phone or tablet.

How it works:

  • It manages applications: eKavach tells a parent the applications being used by a kid, and the duration the kid spends on a particular application. It also alerts the parent whenever a child installs a new app on their phone or tablet.
  • Web filtering: A parent can block content and websites that seem harmful to their kids. Parents can set time limits on internet surfing. They can enable safe searching to ensure their kids never come across any profanity or adult content while browsing the internet.
  • Real-time alerts: The app monitors the kids’ activities all the time. If they breach any boundaries set by the parent, it sends a notification on real time. The app also shows the whereabouts of your child on the map. It enables a child to send an SOS message when he/she is in distress.

3. Safe browser

It is a cloud-based browser which monitors about eight million websites and more than a billion web pages every single day to ensure your kid doesn’t open any inappropriate web page. Whenever your kid opens the internet, the app makes sure he/she doesn’t go to the wrong places on the internet.

4. Kids place

When your child asks for your phone, you don’t have to monitor how he/she is using it, thanks to Kids place app. All you have to do is run the Kids place app before your cellphone to your child. It launches parental control which prevents them from accessing inappropriate content. It also prevents them from downloading apps and materials that are not age-appropriate.

5. Angel child monitoring

It is GPS and SIM enabled gadget that can be carried around by your child. It helps in tracking the movements of your child. All a parent needs to do is call the device, it won’t ring, but the call will be answered automatically. The parent will be able to hear all the activities around the child.

Advancement in technology and an increase in child trafficking cases have made our kids unsafe both on the internet and out in the streets. Just as you use Fleet GPS Tracking Service to locate your vehicle, you also need a tracking device to locate the position and movements of your child. Don’t be too comfortable. Cyberbullying is a real monster; many children are committing suicide. Embrace technology and move with the changing world.

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