How to unlock new characters in ‘Enter the Gungeon’ game


Enter the Gungeon: Farewell to Arms has added two new characters. Interestingly, the newly added characters to this game are unlockable and players can try their hands-on to these characters easily by unlocking them.
The popular shooter game, Enter the Gungeon has received its very last update and this updated brings two new characters for the players. It’s a free game yet offers hundreds of guns and weapons to pick and shoot the enemies to conquer the stage. Different characters have different abilitiy to tackel the given tasks.
The official patch note of this game revealed two unlockable characters have been added to the game by the developers. If you are a big fan of this game and love to engage with different characters, then this is the right time to explore the new environment of the game with two new characters.
The update brings, Paradox and Gunslinger characters for the players which are unlockable and not ready to pick.
Apparently, the first character, Paradox doesn’t carry any story of its own. However, the Gunslinger has its own story and you have to kill his past to unlock it.
Here, we will explain how you can unlock these characters while playing the game.
How to unlock Paradox?
Between 1 to 4 floors, you will see a galaxy like effect on the game. Here, you will have to interact with the Paradox to change its effect. To unlock the Paradox, you have to kill its past and you will get the Character as a playable one.
How to unlock Gunslinger?
To unlock the Gunslinger, you will have to play as the Paradox and kill the last phase of lich. Once you kill the last phase of Lich, you will be able to play as the Gunslinger character.
Once you unlock this character, you have to enter the past as Gunslinger and kill the past as Gunslinger.
Here, you can do both the tasks simultaneously as well. As per your needs, you can enter and kill the past as Gunslinger to make it fully playable for you.
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