How to Transfer Files from Android to PC without USB Cable?


Transferring files between Android devices and Windows computers or laptops has become extra hard with the need for the use of data cables with up-to-date drivers. With the absence of any of these requirements, sharing of files which include documents, videos and pictures become more difficult. As such, the need for transferring data has become much difficult task hence the demand for a more reliable, quick and effective transfer method.

Softros LAN Messenger App

For a quick, efficient and secure transfer of files, Softros LAN messenger is the solution to the problem. The platform provides an easy to use messaging application compatible with both Android devices and Windows computers. This local messaging application provides both PC-to-PC and mobile-to-PC messaging features suitable for users under one network operator. The app uses the intra-Wi-Fi connection to transfers data which are well encrypted to avoid third-party interception.

Advantages of Softros LAN Messaging Application

1. Privacy, Safe and Secure

With the transfer of sensitive data between users, developers has ensured that the chats are encrypted with AES-256 and compatible with the existing network. The strategy has enabled employees to send and receive messages as well as files preventing outside interception from other individuals. More so, the app saves internet bandwidth and reduces firewalls ports in the organization.

2. Quick to Install and Use

Softros consists of a user-friendly interface which is easy to use and quick to install and run in both the computer and the Android device. It is also easy to configure for use without seeking assistance from an expert. When installing either on Windows computers or Android device, an administrator can choose to restrict access to some features of the software.

3. Works With Absence of a Server

Unlike much other file-sharing software, Softros LAN messenger does not use a server to transfer data between users, as it operates with IM tool that works independently. It also provides remote desktop sharing features safely and instantly between two users at different offices within the same network. Working without the need for a server and transfer of data between two separate rooms immediately within the same connection gives our software the ability to operate under any circumstance especially on poor Wi-Fi signals.

4. Flexibility in Messaging

Softros was developed in a way that users can readily involve in different types of chatting, that is, private chats, and group messaging and offline conversation. Therefore, a company may hold personal or conference chatting as well as an event when offline with the staff. The software also can send one or more files which are encrypted to multiple clients at the time within the network. The flexibility of use of the application ensures communication between users is quick and easy to use.

5. Enhanced Functionality

Softros enables different groups to configure the software to support various functions which include LAN, WAN, VLAN, and VPN. Besides, it involves user-friendly settings to import, export or pre-configure the existing network. Another configuration is from the administration in grouping the company employees as per the department or title and can quickly send the specified message to the intended group once.

Step By Step Guide On How to Use Softros LAN Messaging App

  1. Download And Install The Application

The application is available for both Android and Windows computers that are compatible and easy to use. On Android devices, the software can be downloaded from Google play store, and the installation is typically done automatically by the system after the download has finished. For download and installation on windows computers or PCs, open website and click on ‘Download Trial.’ The download option will appear and click on it for the download to begin then agree to the terms and conditions displayed and install the application after it has finished.

  1. Transferring Files Between Android And Pcs Or Computer Via Wi-Fi

After the installations on both devices, open the application and select the recipient’s username to send files or folders present on the network. With multiple users on the same network, different names will appear hence you can easily select the recipient of the message destination. The function is available on both mobile devices and computers where you can then send a message, video or picture to the recipient privately or in a group.
Clicking the username will open a chat window where the message will be inserted and hitting the send button sends the message instantly to the receiver. Besides, the chat user has the ‘Invite’ option where it offers other users within the network for message conferencing. All the mentioned features are available on both Android mobile devices and Windows computers and PCs.

  1. Sending Files And Folders

The application offers a simple way of how to transfer files and folders through a drag and drop option into a chat after selecting the recipient. However, the receiving end must accept the transfer to receive the file which is always immediate. Similarly, when sent a folder, we also provide the acceptance option where the ‘Accept’ button has to be clicked to receive the transfer or ‘Cancel’ to reject. The files and folders sent consist of any data which include photos, documents or videos as well as other related information.
This chat software app has proven to be more beneficial in intra-office communication hence reliable, secure, safe and quick. The application is essential for messaging in an office. Download it today and receive a fully functional trial and a new form of chatting in the office with fellow employees.


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