Best Smart Study Gadgets Every College Student Needs


Two decades ago, students were able to deal with the majority of issues by going to a library or asking an elected head for assistance. The more technology evolves, the more sophisticated student help essentials become. Nowadays, the list of helpers consists mostly of gadgets.

Kindle Fire 7 or PocketBook, portable hard drives, laptop backpacks – this is just the beginning of the collection of college necessities. Some will add a portable acoustic system, for it is impossible to study without a proper soundtrack. The others will go with noise canceling headphones instead. It is all a matter of taste and habits, but there are smart study gadgets every student will find useful.

LED Desk Lamp

Going to college means you are to enter the phase of sleepless nights – something impossible to avoid before exams and approaching deadlines. A good desk lamp is a must-have companion for everyone, who stays up late. Whether you want to let your roommate have a good sleep or enjoy studying with dim lights, a desk lamp helps to take care of your eyesight. The main advantage of the LED lamp is its futuristic look. It will become a trendy accessory and a part of the room decor.

Portable Charger

Modern smartphones are as functional as computers. There is no need to carry a laptop with you all the time. It is possible to check out the mail, edit various document formats (like Microsoft Office and Google Suite, Apple’s Pages, etc.) via your phone with a couple of clicks. You can scan pages, take photos for notes, record lectures if it is allowed. To deal with all these tasks, you will need a smartphone with a powerful battery and a backup in the form of a portable charger.

Smart Notebook

The “paper vs digital” debate started long ago when some experts predicted the extinction of printed press and books (which are still with us). Now, some students and professors cannot decide whether typing or handwritten notes are better for storing and memorizing the material. There is a compromise – Smart Notebook that provides the best of both. You get a reusable and environmentally friendly notebook with the notes easy to upload to any major cloud program, from Google Drive to Evernote. It is an efficient way to keep the notes organized.

Heated Travel Mug

Every successful person will confirm that travel mugs are as important as good laptops. If you don’t believe us, ask experts from Business Insider. A heated travel mug is a real finding for coffee addicts. If you are not a big coffee fan, you might soon become one (rights, the sleepless nights). An educational process consists of numerous challenges and surprises. Sometimes caffeine boost is the only way to survive through the day. In any case, you can always fill it with tea or another favorite drink. Such cups are spill-proof and enabled with charging ports. You can pour in up to 17 oz of liquid, carry it around for the entire day, and keep it hot all the time. No need to spend time in long lines in the cafeteria.

LED Frisbee

Studying comes first, but it doesn’t mean you need to forget about fun. So how about a good old Frisbee? It is important to spend time outdoors, so your body and brain get enough oxygen. It is also significant to have enough physical activity. If you are not into running or outdoor fitness, buy a Frisbee. If you get a LED one, you will forget about all tasks and duties, ask to do assignments, and have much fun. That’s how cool it looks! This Frisbee received a professional upgrade and returned with the bold, bright, and super-light design. It will become a perfect distraction from serious student worries even on the busiest day.

Clip-On Silicone Colander

College is about discovering new talents and opportunities. Acquiring cooking skills is probably the most common experience among students. Even if you don’t plan to become a chef, a colander will be a very useful thing to have. Cooking spaghetti and washing fruits and vegetables will become much easier with this simple appliance.

Surge Protector

This is not actually a gadget, as Mashable rightly admits, but it will stay on guard of your newly bought and favorite devices. A surge protector is one of “just in case” things useful to keep within easy reach. It protects electronic devices from voltage spikes and allows plugging in several devices safely. Usually, surge protectors accommodate various plugs and adapters, so you don’t have to create schedules for using the only socket. Besides, wiring in the campus is not always in the best condition.

A portable printer, foldable keyboard, LED photo clips, fitness tracker, coffee maker… The list can go on and on. Every time a new gadget appears, it seems that our lives were incomplete without it.

Some will say that gadgets create problems at first in order to offer solutions later. Nevertheless, it is hard to deny that they make our lives easier, more pleasant, allow saving time, help to feel happier. If you like buying gadgets, it doesn’t mean you are spoiled. You just show discrimination in cool things. Check out our list of essentials once more. If something is missing in your room, get it right now.

Crystal Roman

Crystal Roman has been engaged in education for quite some time. She is a tech enthusiast and a true fan of gadgets. She writes for various platforms about new technologies, lifehacks, and smart education.

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