Popular Family Board Game


Looking for fun activities with your family indoor?

Nothing feels good more than engaging and competitive board games playing with your family members. There are some very great memories when you play a close game unable to predict the winner till the end.

We have come up with 5 Popular Family Board Games to decide on yourself what suits best for your recess time.

Ticket To Ride

Easy to learn and play have a simple mode of gameplay. Build up your own railway tracks across North America, collect Destination tickets and a player with most of these will be declared a winner. Critical decisions are required by the players on each turn whether to draw more cards, claim a route for the train or attain Destination Tickets.

Trivial Pursuit

Experience the original Trivia Game with Trivial Pursuit. Surprisingly this popular family board game can be played from 2-24 players simultaneously. A circular playing piece belongs to each player and the goal is to collect pies from each color. Different question categories are corresponded by each color.

Trivial Pursuit board comprises of a circular track along with spaces containing seven unique colors. Question categories are in six colors and seventh allows a new dice roll. When a player lands on color and answers the question correctly then Pie from that color is awarded to the player.

Beat the Parents

This game is some serious fun when children and parents sit together to build up memories. The generation gap is filled up when children ask questions from parents and vice versa. The players have to move through the board while collecting tokens and one who reaches endpoint first wins the game.

An interactive session between children and parents is the best feature of this family board game and allows them to understand each other better. Beware of the wild cards as it can come up with some awkward questions!


It seems like scrabble has existed since centuries but still, it is very much loved by people who are used to play interactive board games. A classic family board game which is often introduced by parents to children so they are able to enhance their vocabulary. If seasoned players come across then it is very entertaining to watch a competitive game of scrabble.

Scrabble can be played between two to four players and teams are often formed to help the kids learn the course of the game.


Get your best guessing game out as you’ve to be a top-notch spymaster. 25 agents identities are to be discovered and they are only known with their Codenames. Two teams are formed and each team has to connect with all their agents before the other team does.

One word clues are hinted towards the players by spymasters and those can point to multiple words on board.  Right guesses are to be made avoiding assassins and words of the opponent team. Figuring out the hints and solving mysteries creates a lot of fun during the gameplay.

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