Grey Hat SEO and How It Can Help Your Business


Did you know that there are three different types of hats when it comes to search engine optimization? Which one you choose will depend on your intent.

A Black hat SEO works the fastest by acting against the laid out Google Webmaster Guidelines whereas White hat SEO techniques adhere to search engine guidelines but is more expensive and consumes a lot of time. On the other hand, a Grey hat SEO lies somewhere between the Black and White hat SEO. Although Google Webmaster Guidelines do not talk about Black or Grey hat SEO, the latter, if done correctly, will not result in negative consequences as like the former.

What Is Grey Hat SEO?

Since its tactics lie between two extremes, it is difficult to define Grey Hat SEO. John Andrews, an ardent SEO Consultant, defines Grey Hat as techniques that aren’t defined by Google but more likely fall into the Black Hat region.

Why Grey Hat SEO

  • It can improve the rankings of your website quickly when compared to white hat techniques.
  • SEO is never constant rather it changes periodically. Hence, chances are that tactics that are grey today could turn into black or white the following year.
  • It’s cost and time effective.

Why not Grey Hat SEO

  • If done incorrectly you risk an algorithmic penalty on your website.

Top Grey Hat SEO Techniques

  1. Niche Edits – Commonly known as Curated Links, niche edits is a Grey Hat technique that inserts an anchor link, which is contextually right into a previously indexed content that is of high quality. The biggest advantage of this technique is that Google already indexes the blog post or the page in which the content exists and doesn’t find your new backlink as black hat.
  2. Private Blog Network (PBN) – Although this falls under Black Hat SEO techniques, using original content for the relevant niche makes the technique Grey. An effective way to make this more grey is to host the content the right way with the help of CDN networks like LaunchCDN.
  3. Keyword Density – Many speak about using the right keyword but no one speaks much on how much to use. Stuffing your content with keywords will only backfire on your strategy. Rather keep the keyword density in optimal levels and incorporate them naturally to see the magic.
  4. Multiple Social Media Accounts – Socializing is an effective SEO tactic. Besides creating content, making your presence felt in the social world will improve your website rankings.
  5. Bookmarking Social Media – Another way to enhance your SEO is to enlist your website links on specific social bookmarking sites. Like keyword usage, do not overdo it rather share your links 1-2 times.
  6. Length of the Content – An easy and effective tactic of Grey Hat SEO is to add more content than your competitors so that Google views your site as an Authority in the niche. This is a more white hat style technique such as the skyscraper technique. Essentially building what your competitor has but slightly better.
  7. Web 2.0 Strategy – Create a blog or a microsite on large domains like to generate bulk backlinks with the help of spun content. This might become blackhat if overdone.


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