Browsers and Extensions to Prevent Online Fingerprinting


Whether we like it or not, the truth is that some of the powers on the internet are able to develop a highly accurate ‘fingerprint’ of our online activity. In most cases, this is because they’re able to identify us during our searches, our file transfers, our emails, and our other online activity.

If you’re not doing anything incriminating, then this might not be a reason to worry. However, many people find comfort in the simple fact of knowing that their information isn’t being stored and potentially used to identify them. In this article, we’ll talk a bit about some browser extensions that you can use to help prevent yourself from being fingerprinted.

Get Firefox

If you’re interested in protecting your privacy, Firefox is simply one of the best ways to do so. Many people have gravitated from Firefox to Chrome because Chrome works a bit faster, but that comes at the risk of compromising your privacy.

If you’re savvy enough to edit the configuration of Firefox, you can change a couple of things to enhance your privacy.

Privacy resists fingerprinting = true is a pretty self-explanatory edit that helps to turn on settings to help prevent you from being fingerprinted.

Use Tor

Tor is built off the Firefox engine and provides infinitely more protective options. Not only does it prevent fingerprinting entirely but it reroutes your IP address so you can’t be tracked at all except by the most hardened hackers.

Use a VPN

Many browsers are capable of using VPN services, though some providers simply work more reliably than others. These help to encrypt your internet connection, preventing people from being able to locate your IP address and easily track you. Combining one of these with a security-based browser such as Tor can be instrumental in protecting your online identity.

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