Why Python Will Be A Buzzword In 2019



If you consider all programming languages of this era that is well-known for its versatility then Python is going to be one of the top forerunners.  Being an open source higher level programming language it renders the flexibility of usability across a broad range of operating systems. Its dynamism lies in its diversified nature. Thus, quite rightly it has been dignified as one of the most powerful programming languages of the contemporary age.  Python is an easy-to-learn programming language. Thanks to the simplicity of its syntaxes. Beginners find it easy to behold the fundamental concepts of this programming language.

In the world of coding, Python is considered to be the knife of the Swiss Army and there are good reasons for it.  Among all the tools available to the practitioner of data science it is one of the most coveted and will continue to be in the near future.  In the year 2019 and the years to follow Python will have peerless autonomy in the world of computer programming. Right from conventional programming projects like data mining to machine learning Python will continue to be the most favored technology ever.

Usability of Python

Versatility is one of the core competencies of Python, which makes it applicable in different technological spheres like Web Scraping, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Web Development, App Development, Software Development, and Deep Learning. It goes to explain why tech-stalwarts like Google, Reddit, and Facebook are converging their applications on Python.

Why should you learn Python Programming in 2019?

There is a multitude of reasons to justify efforts to learn Python programming in 2019. All of these could jest down under the following headings:


The average yearly salary of a Python programmer in the USA is $117000. Surely, it is nothing less than fabulous.  Illustrious tech-giants like Google, IBM, Yahoo, and Nokia make extensive use of Python. Among all the programming languages, Python has witnessed remarkable growth in the last few years.  

Ease Of Learning

Developing a computer program in Python requires fewer lines of code. Being a dynamically typed language, you have to be less concerned with syntactical errors and typos. Python codes are easy to read and with just a bit of knowledge, new developers can learn a lot, just by looking at the code.

One of the best technology for web development

Python has several frameworks specially meant for developing websites. Among this mention could be made to Django. Thus, it is understandable why web development in Python is such a popular choice. The number of Python websites that are available online today are more than 1 billion and the number is on the rise. Hence, it is natural that Python programming will be an important skill for web developers.

Considered Ideal for startups

Budget and time are important considerations for the product–service offerings of a company particularly if is a startup. Literally, you one can develop a highly differentiated software on any language. But if it comes to speedy development, manageable modules with less code and cost efficiency Python as a programming language is an apt choice.  With Python, it is easily feasible to scale a complex application. Therefore it can be handled by a small team. Thus, you have the option of saving resources without compromising the development of a cutting-edge application.

A plethora of resources and testing frameworks

When it comes to availability of resources Python has plenty to offer. The good thing is these resources are continuously updated.  Being stuck is the last and rare problem that bothers a Python programmer.  In-built functionality is provided by the standard library and efficient testing frameworks support less debugging time and speedy workflows.

Benefits of Learning Python

Learning Python will render a handful of benefits to a budding software developer. You must understand that in comparison to the much-famed programming languages like C, C++, and Java it is easier to learn. If you are new to programming and you are working with a programming language for the first time then Python is a good way to start things.  Learning Python will make you versatile programmer and there will be no shortage of job opportunities.  The best thing is you can make good money as a Python programmer.

Additional Benefits are:

  • If you wish to develop prototypes then Python is the technology for you. Scaling from the concept to the creation, process is convenient because it is so easy to read and use.
  • Python is quite apt for general purpose tasks like data mining, and big data facilitation.
  • Developers of all skill levels can deliver their optimum productivity while working in Python in comparison to other languages like C# and Java.
  • The readability of Python is one of its big plus points. Even if you are not a skilled programmer you will be at ease with Python. Hence, it makes this language ideal for an inexperienced coding team.
  • Django is an open source and complete web application framework that is powered by Python. Frameworks like Ruby On Rails simplify the development process by letting developers reuse existing code snippets called modules. These code packets can be modified and reused on demand across multiple projects.
  • Python is community developed and an open source language. Therefore, it have a humongous intellectual support base. Millions of like-minded developers are working with and on the language for improving its core functionality. Hence, undoubtedly it is a great way to network with other developers.
  • With the progression of time, Python continues to receive updates and official enhancements. It is no doubt a great way of implementing new functionality and sufficing new benchmarks of software development standards.

Job opportunities in Python

With experience in Python language, a sea of job prospects will beckon you like

  • Data Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Django Back end developer
  • Django or Python developer
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Application Reliability Engineer

Keep in mind the job options are not limited to those listed above. In fact, it is just the tip of the iceberg.

So, it goes without saying that getting Python certification from a reputed training institute will act as a milestone for your career. This certification will enhance value of your resume and grab interviewer’s attention in first go. Being one of the renowned institutes, KnowledgeHut caters industry-oriented Python training which can give wings to your career.


As the world takes giant strides in the new age of technological development we will find ourselves in a time where the web and hand help application will shape the way we live our life. In this backdrop, there will be surging demand for people with strong programming skills capable of developing and supporting high-end applications.  Thus, learning Python can be a step in the right direction for those who are passionate for being part of a constantly developing industry. If you judge through the parameters of ease of learning, manageable syntax volume, fewer typos then Python is seamless.

Aspiring programmers can build up a strong foundation in Python programming and then scale their specializations across different domains. Learning Python is a great way for beginners to bridge the gap with their experienced counterparts.  The prospect of utilizing the potential of this programming language in an enterprising and fun-filled way is indeed captivating. If you are desirous of building a career in software development and reach the zenith of success, then learning Python is a prudent step in the right direction.

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