11 Tips for Creating Professional Letterhead


We live in a world where most of our conversations are done online from e-mails, social media platforms, and instant messaging apps. Communication has truly been revolutionized. That said, there are so many opportunities that one may be chasing through these platforms or apps and getting them may be hard due to competition from your peers.

Standing Out

A printed letterhead can be all that you need to be different. It brings with it a level of seriousness that no other e-mail can match especially if it is well designed. If you are a designer, this might be your chance to make the best mark and add another achievement to your portfolio. Ensure that you take all the time that you need to come up with a creative design that will not only impress, but blow the mind of the design agency you are planning to work for or a new client you want to bag.

Online Templates

On the other hand, you may not be a designer but may still want to come up with your personal unique letterhead. Don’t worry because the internet has got your back. You can be able to get templates online that you can then customize to your specifications. Here are some tips you can use when designing your template:

  1. Get it Right

Getting the basics right is usually crucial for a lot of things and designing your letterhead is no different. Before embarking on the actual design, ensure that you set the standards you need to get the job done. Higher standards are the best, no need to stoop low. You need to ensure that you pick the right software for the task at hand. This will depend on the circumstances you are encountering at the moment. It is better to have a program that is more flexible so that it can be used on different publishing layouts ranging from a single page layout to a letterhead layout.

  1. Have a Beautiful Border

You can use a beautiful design on the border in order to catch the attention of the reader without making the contents of the letter lose value. A great border design should introduce color in a manner that enables the reader be interested in the contents of the letter. A border design in a letterhead can be compared to the picture frame in a painting. This is because it makes the letterhead shine like a magnificent art piece and allows the reader to focus on the content.

  1. Use Geometric Shapes

Geometric vectors can be used in an eye catching manner to style up your letter head. This can be used in simple repetitive shapes on the background of your letter and on its reverse. This type of design is borrowed from mobile apps. They tend to make the letterhead look a bit modern and digital. You should use such a design if your business is a ux design agency or digital agency.

  1. A Header

There is the traditional top heavy header, which is one of the traditional layout styles that you can have on your letterhead. That said, you can decide to use a pattern or zesty color as a backdrop in order to make the header look a bit different and more modern.

  1. Proofread

You need to ensure that you have taken a look at the text in your letterhead before getting it printed. Ensure that everything is correct and precise to the point. Every punctuation mark, every comma or full stop should be in its place.

  1. Consider the Texts used

You should be able to figure out the necessary information that you need printed on your letterhead. This can be the company name, logo, address, phone number as well as a slogan. If you want a simple letterhead, you can use the available software such as word. However, if you wish to incorporate graphics and geometric designs, you may have to get special software for that.

  1. The Typeface

A letterhead is normally just a small part of a document, and it is advisable to make it an easy to read design. You need to use to take some time and consider the right typeface to use. Make sure that the typeface complements the logo of your UX design agency or digital agency.

  1. Whitespace

This is where there is no graphics. It is simply a white blank space that gives your logo an opportunity to shine on your letterhead. A logo is considered a graphic; therefore, make sure you have a nice whitespace on your letterhead to allow the symbol to stand out. On top of that, the whitespace doesn’t necessarily have to be white. Depending on the theme that you are going for, it can be any color as long as there are no additional designs added to it.

  1. Colors that make you Stand Out

What we see has a big impact on the way we react to things. For example, bright colors like yellow and blue tend to uplift our spirits and put us in a good mood. You should consider adding different shades of bright colors on the border to create a positive psychological effect on the reader. Make people want to do business with you by selecting effective color schemes.

  1. Audience

You may need to adapt to the audience that you are targeting as you create your letterhead. For example, if you are sending the letter to an established company that has been in the market for years and loves to do things by the book, you might not impress them with an over-the-top letterhead that has all sorts of design elements. Know your audience so that you don’t end up sending the wrong message.

  1. A photo

If you want to give the letterhead an edge, you can also add a photo in it. A smart way would be to add the picture inside one of the design elements. For example, you can insert a picture in the geometric shapes. Putting a picture in the background doesn’t distract the reader. In fact, it makes the letterhead look very futuristic.


You can use the above strategies to create the perfect letterhead for your company. Just remember to not get overexcited. Know your audience and come up with something that will appeal to them. If you need any professional guidance, you can visit fuselabcreative.com.

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