Why Using Bulk Buy Hosting Services? Is Worth It?


Are you an affiliate marketer who is looking for ways to sell your products through your blog? Or you run a business which needs several interconnected websites for backlinking and obtaining better SEO results?

If you recognize yourself in our first paragraph, we have a solution – you should read a word or two about bulk hosting services. In order to promote your products through different channels, you should consider building a network through a Web Host Provider which can host different domains and IP addresses. That is why choosing bulk hosting services will help you simplify things, save money and handle all your different websites at once.

What Happens When You Need Several Websites Hosted?

Let’s imagine that you’re a business which needs 15 domain names and 15 websites to be hosted all at once. If you choose different hosting providers or accounts this will most definitely complicate your life. Not to mention all the usernames, email addresses and passwords for all of your websites! For that reason, people usually go for the alternative of choosing one web host provider which can offer them the service of managing their domain names and websites in bulk.

However, going for a web host provider which will have all of your sites placed on the same server or IP address, will not do you any good in a number of ways – it may result in bad SEO and poor Google rankings.

Your bulk web hosting provider should have a limited number of accounts placed on a server or IP so that your websites will slightly blend in with other sites using the same hosting provider. For instance, if you have seven websites the best way to set them up is to have a different IP address for each and every one of them. This way your network of websites will be kept safe.

How Can Bulk Hosting Services Help?

If you’re a blogger who has several websites, you can do that by using bulk hosting services. This way the host company is able to host several domains while you pay for only one package of the hosting.

In order to be able to host all of your websites into one single hosting, you should choose a package which allows unlimited add-ons and an unlimited number of subdomains. This way you will save a lot of money while getting the service you need. There are many bulk hosting companies which will host your websites. Some of the top options are bulk web hosting providers which have a low price while having many server locations.

Why A Bulk Buy Web Hosting Company Is Worth Choosing?

Bulk Buy Hosting is a company that will host you on all the popular platforms at a lower price which makes it a safe, easy and cheap option for you. Services like this are mainly used for hosting Private Blog Networks for a price of $1.82 per month per domain. These hosting accounts are on shared hosting such as NameCheap, HostGator and A Small Orange.

There are several pricing plans for a variety of services that Bulk Buy Hosting offers. You can change your plan according to your business growth and needs. Bulk Buy Hosting provides hosting for up to 457 domains. What is great is that your PBN will be hosted along with genuine websites, keeping your network safe. This is so because only a limited number of accounts are placed on a server or IP, in order to get them to slightly blend in with other sites which use the same hosting provider.

The above-mentioned advantages of Bulk Buy Hosting are just one of the reasons to test it out yourself. Some of the benefits include:

  1. There are no hosting footprints
  2. Your network is managed
  3. There are individual IPs
  4. Affordable and quality service
  5. Change your initial plan with another according to your company growth


To sum up, considering the options and advantages that bulk web host companies offer shouldn’t be neglected. On the contrary, disregarding such an option can be quite costly and bring you unnecessary trouble. Instead, you should use bulk web hostings as the great opportunity they are for bloggers, businesses, and individuals who run several websites.

The bulk web hostings help you:

  • Save money
  • Have a high SEO ranking with a different IP address for each of your websites
  • Have all of their websites in one hosting package

We suggest you try out bulk hosting services and see how your online business, website, and budget can benefit from it.


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