What you can do to prevent your iPhone from glitching


You are just moments away from taking the most breathtaking picture of your life. You grab your phone out of your pocket and notice its low battery percentage. You quickly plug in your portable charger, but nothing happens. With barely any time to spare, you swipe to access your camera but the screen is completely blacked out. Then heavy rains pour, your phone shuts off and you miss your shot.

Even though this scenario is a bit dramatic, iPhone users still experience these same issues, which can be just as inconvenient and frustrating. Why does your phone glitch in the first place, and how easy are these issues to fix at home?

Some of the most common glitches for iPhones are:

  • Your phone is no longer charging
  • A short battery life
  • Your camera screen is black
  • Your phone wont turn on after being submerged

Your phone is no longer charging

According to Apple, your phone may not be charging properly because of a dirty or damaged charging port, a defective or damaged charging accessory, or a USB charger not designated to charge devices.

To determine the issue, simply remove any debris or build up from the bottom on the device. If your iPhone does not charge afterwards, the issue may be the charging cable. Be sure to replace your charger with one that is compatible with the iPhone, such as one directly from Apple or an Anker Powerline.

If your phone still does not charge after cleaning it or replacing the charger, your charging port may be completely damaged.

Your battery life is short

You notice that even after being on your iPhone for a short period of time or not on it at all, your device’s battery percentage is oddly low. This may be because your device has a short battery life.

Here are extra steps you can take to ensure that your battery lasts longer:

  • Turn down your brightness
  • Turn on low power mode
  • Disable automatic downloads
  • Turn off push notifications
  • Uninstall unnecessary apps
  • Download a battery saving app to pinpoint which apps are draining your battery
  • Switch to Airplane mode

If you still notice that your phone has a poor battery life after making every effort to preserve it, you are probably in need of a battery replacement.

Your camera is not working properly

Do you want to take a selfie or a cute picture of your dog, but can’t due to your front and back camera appearing black?

  • Make sure your camera isn’t being blocked. Sometimes your phone case makes the difference
  • Go back and forth between forward and back facing camera mode
  • Close and restart the app
  • Restart your iPhone
  • Update or reset your phone

If you have performed these procedures and still notice that your camera is not working, this issue is most like a software issue rather than just a camera issue.

Your phone wont turn on after being submerged

Whether your phone has been drenched by rain, or was used as a landing pad for a tall glass of water, there are many scenarios in which a phone can become water damaged.

In a quick attempt to save your phone, try this:

  • Make sure your phone is off, if not already
  • Dry your phone off as much as possible
  • Remove and dry the battery if possible
  • Place iPhone in rice and let it sit

Placing your phone in rice may not always do the trick, being that water can cause internal rust.

Despite the conditions of your phone, you are not always at a point of no return due to device repair services such as iFixYouri.

For those who experience a glitch beyond their repair, iFixYouri can diagnose the issue for no charge, and  from there, they offer several repair services to smartphones such as:

  • Ear speaker repair
  • Glass and LCD repair
  • Back housing-glass repair
  • Power button repair
  • Lightning dock repair
  • Glass repair
  • Vibrate switch repair
  • Volume button repair
  • Rear/Front camera repair
  • Microphone repair
  • Loud speaker repair
  • Battery replacement
  • Water damage repair

At the same time, if you feel like your forever-glitching phone is completely useless, there are companies that you can sell your phone to as well. Tech Reboot generates a free instant quote for your device after you are done answering a few simple questions. Once you accept the offer, which pays more than any other buyback service, you’ll ship your device. Then you will get paid within days of the device’s arrival.

Like all technology, phones glitch. The issue is almost always inescapable, but at least you know that there are several solutions to prevent the issue from happening again.



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