Top 5 Best iOS Games For November 2020


iPhone and iPad devices usually integrate powerful mobile chipsets, capable of handling resource-intensive tasks without breaking the battery. Game developers target Apple devices for both indie and AAA game ports and build high-quality titles from the ground up.

Obviously, the App Store is more restricted in nature compared to the Play Store, resulting in an overall better catalog of playable titles. Apple’s Arcade service has also encouraged developers to make quality games for the platform and use the full potential of the in-house silicon.

The App Store hosts an ocean of games, and finding the best ones is like searching for a needle in a haystack. To make it simpler for you and other iOS users, we compile a list of the five best iOS games every month, and November is no exception.

Without further delay, let’s check out the games below. You will find App Store links for all of them.

1. Grimvalor

Grimvalor is an action RPG platformer, taking place in the forgotten kingdom of Vallaris. Your character is tasked with defeating King Valor’s overpowered guardians after a malicious power takes over. You quickly find yourself surrounded and outnumbered in the dark fantasy world, with no choice but to grab your sword and fight your way through an unwelcoming land.

Grimvalor has received positive feedback because of its addictive platformer elements and skill-based combat mechanics. The game offers fast-paced, hack-n-slash gameplay that forces players to time their dashes, dodges, and attacks based on the enemy’s fighting patterns. You need precision to finish the boss fights. The RPG aspects of the game also work out well, with dozens of upgrade paths for your character and equipment.

From ruined castles to dark caves to snowy mountains, you get to experience atmospheric environments that are unlike anything you have ever seen before in a mobile platformer. The levels also have secrets, handsomely rewarding players for exploration.

Grimvalor costs $6.99 on the App Store, which is a stellar deal given how much gameplay it offers. The game takes advantage of Apple’s Metal API to render stunning visuals. It has full support for MFi gamepads, and you can customize the touch controls to your preference. Your save files stay in sync across all your devices connected to iCloud. Note that Grimvalor has neither advertisements nor in-app microtransactions.

2. Australian Open Game

If you are into tennis, consider checking out the Australian Open Game on your iPhone or iPad device. The game has been developed by Big Ant Studios for the official “Tennis Australia” organization, helping to promote the Australian Open. It is also one of the best tennis games you can find on the App Store.

This free-to-play tennis game offers surprisingly robust gameplay. While the default controls automatically position your player, you need to time the swipes right to hit groundstrokes, lobs, volleys, etc. The better your timing, the faster and more accurate the shot will be. You can also enable manual movement controls to have a challenging experience against the AI players.

Australian Open Game lets you play a quick match, the AO tournament, as well as other Grand Slam events later on. It also has a career mode, giving you the options to create and customize your player. In tournament and career modes, the difficulty gradually increases as you gain experience.

The game features no ads or in-app purchases, and it’s completely free to download. The graphics and animations are also two more reasons why you should give Australian Open Game a try.

3. Transmission: Information Age

Transmission is a visually-stunning puzzle game that’s also mind-bending at times. The game’s goal is to create communication networks that get increasingly tangled as you make progress. The networks are visually represented in every puzzle. Unlike other puzzle games, Transmission offers an overall minimal visual clutter thanks to the art style.

You begin with a very basic network, tasked to create complex connections. The game challenges your puzzle-solving skills to make connections to other networks in different paths and configurations while avoiding obstacles.

Transmission features 70 levels across seven unlockable worlds, with 146 stars to collect. It has not only in-game trophies but also Game Centre integration, meaning you have achievements to unlock. The game offers over eight hours of gameplay. Combine that with the gorgeous visuals and captivating soundtracks, and you get a great puzzle game to play.

Transmission is another free-to-play title in this list, with zero advertisements and in-game microtransactions. It’s available for both iPhone and iPad devices.

4. Reventure

Reventure is a 2D platformer game, taking a humorous jab at The Legend of Zelda series. Your objective is to save the princess from the Dark Lord’s captivity in a distant castle.

However, the game also tasks players with alternate objectives from time to time. The considerably huge open-world includes tons of items, which gives your character different abilities and dozens of new missions to complete.

Based on how you choose to explore the world and interact with it, you can trigger one of 100 unique endings. The endings start with a mini cutscene, after which you are sent back to the beginning of the game. The ending is connected to the beginning of your next playthrough.

Reventure gives players the freedom to go through the endings in any order they want, and all of the playthroughs are canonical to the story. The game world and your in-game character changes as you complete different endings. Your primary goal is to unlock every ending and find hidden secrets.

Like three of the games above, Reventure doesn’t have any advertisements or microtransactions. However, it requires a one-time payment of $3.99 on the App Store.

5. Bomb Chicken

Bomb Chicken is another puzzle-platformer title in this list, where you play as a bomb-laying chicken. Initially released for the Nintendo Switch in 2018, the iOS port of the hit title made its debut in April this year.

The game takes place in a Latin American jungle, starting with a mining operating run by BFC, a large fast-food chain (seems familiar). After an ordinary chicken gets involved in a freak accident with a mysterious blue sauce mined and sold by BFC, it obtains bomb-laying power.

Your job is to help the chicken escape BFC’s mining operation and factory. However, the game takes a unique twist to the platformer genre, entirely omitting the jump mechanics. Instead, the chicken can stand on bomb stacks in order to ascend and reach higher places. Another twist is that the bombs auto-explode after a few moments, so you need to move the chicken away from the blast radius.

The environment is semi-destructible, with dozens of blowable objects. The chicken can also push the bombs towards enemies and other obstacles. It can even use the bombs as barricades to shield enemy attacks.

There’s so much more to discuss, but we recommend you try Bomb Chicken yourself to find more of its fascinating gameplay features. It costs only $4.99, and the game can be played offline.