Top 5 Best iOS Apps For November 2020


Compared to Android, Apple’s operating system for iPhone and iPad devices is relatively restricted. However, the software ecosystem seamlessly works between Apple’s various devices, making it appealing to power users.

As rich and intuitive as iOS and iPadOS is, the user experience isn’t complete without apps. Apple already offers an excellent suite of stock apps similar to what Google pre-loads with Android devices. However, sometimes it’s not enough for power users.

As the title suggests, this listicle contains five best iOS apps for November 2020. You may find better alternatives to apps you are already using, alongside new ones to try on your iPhone and iPad devices.

1. Fantastical – Calendar & Tasks

Fantastical is an advanced calendar and tasks app for iPhone and iPad devices. Before we go into more detail, note that the app requires subscriptions. Most of the features are locked behind a paywall. You can pay on a monthly and yearly basis.

Fantastical makes it easier for users to manage their daily schedule. You can quickly add new events and tasks, and access them from a unified list. You won’t even have to waste time typing the details, as you can simply use the app’s built-in dictation feature. It also features granular parser features for locations, invites, and task lists. You can create individual tasks by typing certain keywords and set repeating events. The app lets you join video conference calls directly from meeting events, which is super useful.

Fantastical has Google Tasks and Todoist integration. It also offers ten days of weather forecasts in advance, with up-to-the-minute data from AccuWeather. Furthermore, you get to search for regional holidays and access a complete schedule of shows and sports events from the calendar. All the additional data is provided by SchedJoules. Google, iCloud, and Exchange integration is also available for adding attachments.

Fantastical lets you switch between light and dark themes. You can also set up a custom home screen icon, plus assign custom colors for events and sounds for alerts. In addition, it offers several other user customization options you can tweak to personalize your calendar experience.

Fantastical offers all the basic calendar features you would expect, and it has advanced push notification settings. When you pay for Fantastical Premium, your calendar data and tasks are synchronized across all supported platforms: iOS, iPadOS, WatchOS, and macOS.

On iOS 14, you can also add 12 different Fantastical widgets of various sizes on the Home Screen. The app also has iMessage integration, letting you share calendar events with your friends, families, and colleagues in one go.

Fantastical is free to download on the App Store, but the free tier is limited to very basic features. The Premium subscription costs $4.99/month and $39.99/year.

2. GarageBand

GarageBand is a music-creation tool developed by Apple. While it’s designed for iPad devices in mind, you can use it with your iPhone as well. The app consists of touch instruments, such as keyboards, guitars, clavinet, synth leads, drum kits, violins, etc. You can download additional instruments and sound packs from the Sound Library.

With GarageBand, you can add bass rigs using virtual stompboxes and amps. Thanks to 3D Touch, you also get the polyphonic aftertouch effect when playing keyboard sounds. In addition, the app also offers a Beat Sequencer for sampling drum grooves.

GarageBand is an excellent app for DJs, mainly because it provides a complete suite of digital instruments. You can use multi-tap gestures to play them or trigger live-looping on the go. It’s also possible to create custom loops using the touch instruments. Applying DJ-style effects can be done via the Remix FX feature. Mixing effects like Bitcrusher, Overdrive, and Visual EQ is also available.

One of GarageBand’s best things is that you can either capture your performances directly from the app or import them from third-party music apps using the Audio Unit Extensions. You can also record several times over a particular song section and select your favorite one using GarageBand’s Multi-Take Recording feature. You can record, export, and mix your tracks in 24-bit audio resolution for the best possible quality.

Saving your recordings is also easy, thanks to the iCloud integration. If you use Logic Pro X on Mac, you can add your GarageBand tracks remotely over iCloud. Plus, you can share your creations on YouTube, SoundCloud, or Facebook.

GarageBand is undoubtedly the best music creation app on Apple devices. It’s free to use, and it can help you start up your professional music production career.

3. Photofox – Photo Editor

Photofox is an AI-powered photo editor that gives your photos the artistic touch it needs. Those who have little to no experience in photo editing can also use the app to create masterpieces worthy of an Instagram post.

On Photofox, you can add double exposures to your photo with a custom overlay. Everything else is handled by the AI, creating detailed double exposures. However, you can manually adjust the blending and layers to your preference. It lets you mix two or more photos and produce fantastic art.

You can add glitch art effects as well, including pixel sorting and color splitting. With the advanced editor, you can refine the glitch effects further. Adding regular texts to your photos is also simple, with custom fonts, vast color palette, and dozens of cool text effects.

Photofox also offers an image dispersion tool, and you can disperse the pixels with ease to create stunning results. Other effects include warping, which you can use to turn landscapes into surreal backdrops. While Photofox is available on Android, its QuickArts feature is exclusive to Apple devices only.

With QuickArts, you get advanced image correction tools, including curves, heal, and intensity, as well as granular controls over color, fade, grain, intensity, structure, tonality, vignette, and more. You can also adjust layers to blend photos and use masking to give your creations the detail it needs. Furthermore, you can add filters and elements layer by layer and move them easily.

In terms of export options, Photofox supports JPG, PNG, and TIFF formats for different projects. It even has RAW support, and you can share your creative photos instantly on your favorite social media platforms.

It’s worth mentioning that some of Photofox’s features are accessible only when you pay for the Unlimited Access subscription. Other than that, the app is totally free to use.

4. JustWatch – Movies & TV Shows

The online video streaming market is more fragmented than ever, making it difficult for users to find their favorite movies or shows to stream. A quick search on the web might answer your question, but doing it over and over again for every content is nothing but a hassle.

JustWatch is a search engine for VOD content, indexing over 60,000 movies and shows. You can easily find your favorites on the JustWatch iOS app and learn which streaming services offer it on rental or on-demand. You can also filter your searches with dozens of attributes, genres, and release year.

From the Timeline, you can check for new releases on 100+ streaming platforms on a daily basis. When you select a movie or show, you get a detailed view of the synopsis, ratings, cast, and related trailers.

If you are into a particular genre, you can search for more content according to it. Age ratings are also available as a filter option, helping you find and pick up the most suitable content for younger audiences in the house.

All of your searches and watchlists are synchronized to your JustWatch account, so you can keep using it on supported platforms. The service currently supports 400+ streaming providers worldwide, including Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, Hotstar, Shudder, Showtime, and many more.

The JustWatch iOS app is a must-have for cord-cutters, and it’s free on the App Store. You can also get it on Apple TV and unify your streaming catalog.

5. SLOWLY – Connect to the World!

SLOWLY takes an old-fashioned approach to social media, allowing you to connect with people around the world without the deliberate instant messaging experience.

All you have to do is set up your anonymous profile with an avatar, location, and list of interests. Once done, SLOWLY will try to find another profile with mutual interests and match you with a pen pal. The app intentionally adds a delay to your messages so that you can engage in long-term conversations.

You can send unlimited messages from the app. SLOWLY also has an achievement system, with collectible stamps from different countries. It’s a free social app, with optional premium features you can unlock with the SLOWLY PLUS ($7.99/month) subscription.


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