Top 5 Best Android Games For November 2020


It’s almost the end of the year. While 2020 hasn’t been a great year overall, the next-gen PlayStation and Xbox consoles are on the horizon, with dozens of quality AAA titles to enjoy.

Obviously, not everyone can buy a console right now. However, you can always play games on your phones instead. In fact, mobile gaming makes up more than 50% of the global games market, and it’s a multi-billion dollar industry.

On top of that, Android captures a significant percentage of the operating system market share worldwide, which explains the vast ocean of playable titles on the Play Store.

If you are looking for games to play on your Android phone or tablet, definitely check out the following list of five best Android games for November 2020. We have included different genres of games for you to try out.

1. Motorball

We love including titles from Noodlecake Studios, as they are one of the most popular game developers on the Play Store. Motorball is a new multiplayer game from the studio, and it definitely deserves some recognition.

Motorball gives you control of an RC car and puts you into an arena against other RC cars. All you have to do is use your car to push a big soccer ball into your opponent’s goalpost. In case you are wondering, this car-football genre is totally inspired by Rocket League, except Motorball is a mobile game.

Unlike the third-person camera view in Rocket League, you get a top-down view. The graphics are colorful and cartoony, as you would expect from a mobile game. However, Motorball does have a skill-based matchmaking system, letting players duel against others worldwide.

Since Motorball is free-to-play, it heavily emphasizes in-game microtransactions. You can unlock new cars, decals, paint jobs, accessories, and other types of cosmetics, as well as increase your acceleration, boost, control, and speed stats. Note that you can buy cosmetics and upgrade your car without spending on in-game purchases.


Last month, we picked up Neon Chrome as one of the five best iOS games due to its unique twin-stick shooter gameplay. JYDGE is a similar game from the same developer. However, it has a darker and violent theme, unlike the cyberpunk-styled aesthetics in Neon Chrome.

You play as JYDGE, a cybernetic officer hired to eradicate crime in the megacity of Edenbyrg. Your task is to claim back justice with The Gavel rifle, which you can modify to your will with different attachments and accessories. Tools of the law include lasers, rockets, piercing leads, electricity, and many more.

Each level of JYDGE requires players to change their playstyles, as they feature unique challenges. With the illegal cash that you confiscate in the levels, you get to upgrade not only The Gavel but also JYDGE himself, starting from hit points down to the melee damage.

The game borrows several aspects from Neon Chrome, including the challenges that make you replay levels with other upgrade combos. It offers amazing replayability, encouraging players to complete every single challenge for the medals and unlock all the upgrades.

JYDGE delivers an exceptional top-down shooter experience on mobile devices, along with decent graphics and a catchy soundtrack. The developers have done a great job porting the game on Android and tuning the game mechanics for touch controls.

You can buy JYDGE for $5.99 on the Play Store. The game has zero advertisements. Microtransactions are absent as well.

3. Human: Fall Flat

Human: Fall Flat is a fun and hilarious physics-based puzzle platformer, now ported to Android devices. In the game, you play as a wobbly humanoid, intending to explore surreal environments, complete puzzles, and find an exit.

Human: Fall Flat features 12 unique, open-ended levels that tax your creativity and puzzle-solving skills to the limits. The wobbliness of your humanoid adds an extra layer of challenge, which is both frustrating and hilariously distracting.

You can control your humanoid to move forward, jump, carry objects, grab, and climb platforms. Since the game features multiplayer, you can team up with up to three additional players to complete the puzzles and discover all the secrets. No matter how long it takes to finish the levels, it’s all about having some fun time.

The game also lets you customize your humanoid from top to bottom, including head, upper body, lower body, color, and paint. You can mix and match the silly in-game outfits to create your personalized character.

Similar to the PC and console versions, Human: Fall Flat on Android is a one-time purchase, costing only $5 on the Play Store. Considering there are no in-app microtransactions or advertisements, it’s a pretty stellar deal.

4. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

The Android port of Konami’s classic title, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, launched on the Play Store at the beginning of this year. It’s one of those genre-defining games that we still love to play to this date. If you owned a PlayStation in the late 90s, chances are you have played Symphony of the Night before.

In case you haven’t played it, now is your chance to try it out on your Android device. You play as the son of Dracula, Alucard, embarking on a mission to find Richter, who goes missing four years after the ending of the previous Castlevania game, Rondo of Blood.

You as Alucard have to explore a deadly and mysterious castle. As you make progress through the levels, you unlock new abilities, enhance your strength, and discover secret shortcuts. The game also lets you play as Richter after a certain point, the protagonist of the previous Castlevania game. You can even start a new game as Maria Renard, who once fought alongside Richter in the story.

Symphony of the Night runs great on Android devices, and it supports external gamepads. You can play it with the default touchscreen controls as well. Adding in the Play Games integration and achievements, the game offers much more value than its $3 sticker price.

5. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

We conclude this list of five best Android games with another classic PC and console title, GTA: San Andreas. It is one of the best open-world games to this date, with three fictional cities to explore: Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas.

You play as Carl Johnson, returning to Las Santos after his mother has been murdered. Upon his return to the neighborhood, he gets framed for homicide by a duo of corrupt cops. On the other hand, he finds his friends and family disbanded, with no control over the streets of Los Santos. The rest of the story is basically history at this point.

The Android port of this game comes with enhanced visual fidelities, such as high-resolution textures, better lighting, a vivid color palette, and remastered character models. You can adjust the graphics settings to your preference.

Obviously, the game supports a vast range of USB and Bluetooth controllers, and you can play with the dual-analog touch controls too. Furthermore, you can pick up between three different control schemes and customize them to your liking.

Considering the Android version of GTA: San Andreas offers over 70 hours of gameplay and Rockstar cloud save synchronization across multiple devices, this is $7 well-spent.

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