Top 5 Best Android Apps For November 2020


Your phone might have the latest flagship processor, a superior camera setup, exceptional battery life, or the newest version of Android. However, there’s no point unless you have the best Android apps to take advantage of it.

Play Store has millions of apps that transform your pocketable device into a productivity powerhouse. You may not bother going through such a huge list to download the best apps on your Android phone, which is why we put effort into handpicking the five best Android apps every month.

Be sure to check them out below and leave your app suggestions for the next month in the comments.

1. Files by Google

Files by Google, formerly known as Files Go, started out as a lightweight file manager app for Android Go devices. However, it’s now available for all Android phones, and it supports external storage solutions.

The app integrates Google’s “Smart Recommendations” technology to identify junk files on your phone and help you get rid of them in one-click. It can also identify old photos and memes from messaging apps, duplicates, redundant files, cache, etc. You get to review the junk files and get to choose which files to remove.

If you are experiencing frequent slowdowns on your Android phone, considering installing the Files by Google app. It can free up a significant amount of storage space by deleting junk and temporary files on your device’s internal storage, potentially boosting the performance and eliminating slowdowns in the process.

Files by Google also works great as a regular file manager. You get quick access to your downloads, photos, videos, audio files, documents, and apps from the main screen. It indexes your files and organizes them for you. You also can view, rename, delete, move, and share files from the app, as well as sort them to your preference.

One of the best features of Files by Google is offline file sharing. Assuming that the receiver has the app, you can share your files with them over a peer-to-peer connection. The app uses Bluetooth to set up a WPA2-encrypted direct Wi-Fi connection between the sender and receiver, which can handle transferring large files at up to 480 Mb/s.

Files by Google only takes 10 MB of storage space on your device. It’s also free to download, and there are no advertisements or in-app purchases. The app has been downloaded five hundred million times and has a very positive review on the Play Store.

2. Fenix 2 for Twitter

While the official Twitter app on Android is decent, it’s needless to say that Fenix 2 offers the best Twitter experience on Android. It’s a highly customizable Twitter client, with dozens of features derived from the first iteration of Fenix.

You can fully customize your Twitter timeline, as well as adjust the conversation layout to your preferences. It has an excellent interface to start with, and there are loads of personalization tweaks. Additionally, you can also choose between theme presets and customize it further to your liking.

Fenix 2 addresses one of the known deficiencies of the official Twitter app: image and video previews. It also supports previews of external sites like YouTube and Instagram. Switching between your primary and alt accounts have also never been this easy, as the app has support for multiple accounts.

Fenix 2 for Twitter also offers a robust mute system, letting you block notifications and DMs from individual users. You can also set certain keywords and hashtags from showing up on your timeline.

If you do use Twitter, perhaps try out the Fenix 2 Twitter client on your Android phone. The app costs $4.99 on the Play Store, but its user-customizable interface offers the ideal Twitter experience.

3. Icon Pack Studio

Icon Pack Studio lets you create your personal icon pack from scratch. It has a built-in advanced editor, which gives you the options to apply filters to the stock icon, including shapes, textures, lights, shadows, and bezels. You can also change the source color, adjust the opacity of individual icons, and freely move or resize elements of your custom icon. It’s like a photo editor, but for your app icons.

If you are not into creating your icon pack, check out the user-generated icon packs. There are hundreds of them for you to explore, and you can pick up individual icons from several other icon packs to create your personalized pack.

Icon Pack Studio also lets you import icons from other icon packs and tweak them. Once you are happy with the result, you can apply your icon pack to your custom launcher, as you would typically do.

Icon Pack Studio works with almost any launcher, including Lawnchair, Nova Launcher, Poco Launcher, MIUI Launcher, Microsoft Launcher, Apex Launcher, Evie Launcher, Hyperion Launcher, etc. Note that the AOSP and Pixel launchers are not supported.

Icon Pack Studio is a free app and has no advertisements. However, premium user-generated icon packs are available as in-app purchases.

4. Today Weather

Source: 9to5Google

Every Android user should at least have one weather app for their own good. Today Weather is one of the best options in that regard. It’s a simple and easy-to-use weather app that provides accurate local weather forecasts.

Today Weather relies on over ten data sources to offer reliable weather forecasting, including Accuweather, Foreca, National Weather Service, Open Weather Map, Weatherbit, and many more. You get 24/7 weather alerts and the chance to prepare yourself for heavy rain, snow, thunderstorms, strong winds, and other weather conditions. The app will let you know when rain or snow is approaching your area.

Today Weather also provides detailed information about air quality, pollen count, and UV index. Sunrise, sunset, and lunar phase details are provided as well. Other useful information includes humidity, actual temperature, visibility, air pressure, dew point, wind speed, and wind direction. You can use the built-in weather radar to locate and track precipitation, as well as view its predicted path, type, and intensity.

The following weather app even offers a quick-view widget, and you can set its refresh interval manually. Today Weather pushes daily weather forecast notifications by default, but you can also set hourly notifications.

Note that some of the mentioned features are locked to the premium tier only. While Today Weather is free to download, you need to pay for the premium tier to remove in-app advertisements, unlock radar, and additional data sources. You can choose from semi-annual, annual, and lifetime subscription options.

5. Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan relies on OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to identify texts on documents, notes, business cards, forms, receipts, and photos. All you have to do it is scan the text with your device’s camera. The app will automatically turn it into a digital copy and give you the option to save it as either a JPEG or a PDF file.

Adobe Scan also uses advanced image technology to auto-crop the borders of a document and sharpen the scanned content for digital use. You can manually remove the imperfections, such as marks, creases, stains, and handwriting from the scanned content.

The document scanning app has Adobe Document Cloud integration, letting user back up their digital copies to the cloud for instant access and sharing. You can also search for texts through your scanned documents, as well as select and copy them when necessary.

Adobe Scan is available for free on the Play Store, with zero in-app advertisements.

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