Top 5 Best Android Games For June 2020


With so many quality AAA and indie Android games in the Play Store, it is quite a challenge for many of us to decide what we should try out and play. However, there’s nothing to worry about, as we handpick some of the best, currently available Android games every month on TechCodex.

You can check out this list of top 5 best Android games for June 2020, which consists of platformers and strategy games. You will also find direct Play Store links below every game.

1. Alto’s Odyssey

As the sun sets in the west beyond the horizon, explore the magical desert with Alto and his sandboard in Alto’s Odyssey. It is a sequel to the award-winning Alto’s Adventure, with marvelous graphics and super-smooth gameplay. It also introduces a brand new story, where your objective is to escape all the dangers in this deserted adventure and discover all the secrets with Alto in this endless sandboarding game.

There are a total of three explorable areas available in Alto’s Odyssey. It includes the desert dunes, the temple city’s ruins, and the canyons. Alto starts his sandboarding journey through the desert, and on the way, he has to collect all the coins, which will help him to unlock further upgrades and acquire some new characters with unique skills later. The special skills will vary with the characters, as each of them has mastered specialized stunts like double backflips, proximity jump, etc.

Throughout this game, the player also has to survive spiky vines and bounce through the top of the hot air balloons, ride towering rock walls, and have to face far more difficult challenges as the game progress. Besides all these challenges, the player has to save himself from the dangers like angry lemurs, vines as they snap away if you stay on them for long and winding tornados.

Just in case you want a change for a bit, the zen mode also relieves you from all the stress of collecting coins, scores, and power-ups as it leaves you alone with the endless desert to explore.

In addition to the high-quality graphics and picturesque, the original soundtrack is mesmerizing. Alto’s Odyssey consists of original audio tracks, which uplifts your gameplay to the whole new level of experiencing the gameplay. The special photo mode will also let you take perfect pictures of your trip through the game to share with your friends and family or on social media.

Alto’s Odyssey does contain ads, but you can play it offline to avoid them. Although there are no pesky microtransactions in Alto’s Odyssey, you can choose to pay for virtual cosmetic items, with ₹15.00 – ₹300.00 per item. It has won the heart of every player with its relaxing and soothing gameplay, and you can try out Alto’s Odyssey for free from the Play Store.

2. Brain Dots

Brain Dots is a simple yet challenging game. All you have to do is connect a blue and a red ball with each other by drawing lines and using physics to roll the balls.

There is no fixed gameplay to win the stages as it gives you uncountable ways of winning a single stage. You have to use your observation, flexible thinking, and basic gravity physics to win these unpredictable stages.

As you progress through levels, it gets more challenging to connect the balls, requiring more precision and timing.

There are a total of 25 pens to unlock and collect through the levels, including a simple pen, crayon, color pencils, and so on. Besides completing each stage, you can also create and customize your own stage to challenge different players all over the world. Simultaneously, you can also play or accept the challenges created by others. You can also review your stage clearances with a video capture or screenshot and share it with your friends on social media.

Despite the fact the game is free to download, you can make in-app purchases for ₹61 – ₹310 per item. It does also contain in-app advertisements. Brain Dots is recommended for those who like strategy based puzzles with challenging obstacles.

3. Super Cat Bros

Super Cat Bros may sound like a popular Nintendo franchise, which it definitely is inspired by. With six specialized cats, you have a cute little world to explore, which is basically a mysterious island. The game also features intuitive controls, making it a lot easier to go on an adventure in the world of cats with super abilities.

In Super Cat Bros, the cats have their own unique attributes and abilities, and you can switch between them in order to bypass specific obstacles on a level. You may also unravel the secret zones in a level. Replayability is a notable aspect of this game since it’s not possible to access the secret zones without unlocking cats with a particular ability.

There are also different types of mobs in this game, including turnips, fish, squids, monkeys, moles, boulders, skeleton miners, snowmen, ice and fire dragons, sea urchins, and wasps. You can choose to either fight or avoid them using different cat abilities. There are also some interactive objects to go through all the levels, such as pink spots, water, strong currents, shops, and many more. You can also buy products from the shop with in-game currency as per your requirements.

Besides regular mobs, cats will eventually encounter six bosses throughout the game. Defeating them is the only ticket to make progress to the next levels.

Super Cat Bros is another free-to-play game, with more than 50 levels of in-depth exploration and unraveling mysteries of the cat world. If you like platformer games, then definitely give Super Cat Bros a try.

4. Bad Piggies HD

Rovio Entertainment Corporation, the maker of Angry Birds, released a strategy-based spin-off named Bad Piggies a few years ago, which let you create random vehicle contraptions to help bad piggies need to reach their goals. 

Bad Piggies HD is a remastered version of the same game, designed for Android devices with bigger screens. Each level, you are given a limited amount of resources to create a vehicle that can withstand challenging obstacles in a level. There are dozens of objects, including motors, wings, fans, umbrellas, wheels, ropes, rockets, etc. 

With over 200 levels and 40+ unique levels, Bad Piggies gives you a whole new level of pig crashing fun. Sometimes you may need to replay previous levels several times to gain max starts and unlock further levels. You can try building the contraptions and steer them differently in order to finish all the objectives. 

Bad Piggies HD gets regular updates with new content and the latest set of levels. It is a free-to-play game, but you can also buy the in-app items to complete tricky levels with ease.

5. I’m Ping Pong King

If you find table tennis fun, then I’m Ping Pong King is the must-have game on your Android device. The rules are simple; do not let the ball drop on your side and keep bouncing the ball until your enemy fails to do the same.

The controls are pretty straightforward. You can move left and right by tapping the left or right side of the screen, respectively. In order to win the crown, you have to defeat 16 world champion rivals to show them your Ping Pong skills. The developers kept the art style and graphics of I’m Ping Pong King clean and straightforward. You can select between solid-colored backdrop and loads of stickman. The fun part of the game is the epic victory dance after winning the match. No, seriously.

I’m Ping Pong King is free to download on the Play Store, but it does contain advertisements and in-app cosmetic purchases.

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