Top 5 Best Android Apps For June 2020


The Google Play Store is home to some of the most popular Android apps. However, not every app hits the spotlight of the Play store’s homepage, which is where most of us look for new apps to try out.

This is why we are back here again with another short list of the top 5 best Android apps for June 2020, so that you can have a fresh experience with the Android software environment. You will find download links for every app on this list. 

1. Google Meet

Video conference meetings are now more critical than it was ever before, and Google Meet has everything you need. Assuming that you and your friends or colleagues use Google services, you can use Google Meet to arrange high quality, enterprise-grade video conference meetings with up to a hundred participants at once. Just sign in with your existing Google Account and enjoy Google’s uninterrupted video calling service.

Google Meet is actually a next-generation video conference service with excellent features. With a single tap on the shared link, invited guests can join your meeting, making Google Meet easily accessible for all. The AI-powered speech recognition technology can generate captions in real-time, albeit in English for now.

One of the unique features of Google Meet is the noise cancellation feature or Denoiser. It uses machine learning to dismiss all the unnecessary background noise in a video call. Denoiser is perfectly capable of making differences between noise and speech, which takes video calling experience to a whole new level. Other than that, there are also video enhancement features like low-light mode.

Google Meet also respects your part as a host. Thus, you are entirely in authority to admit or deny entry of any individual who wants to join your meeting. Apart from this, you can share your ideas or present documents or slides among a group of people.

With over 50,000,000+ installs, Google Meet is the best video calling app that you can download for free on your Android device.

2. PowerAudio Pro

PowerAudio Pro is the most powerful music player app for Android. With all the great features, it is better than most other music players available in the Play Store. PowerAudio Pro has an intuitive user interface and high-quality audio output. You can also browse, download, listen, and even share your favorite tracks with your folks from the player.

PowerAudio Pro brings audiophiles delightful music-listening experience with its audio-centric features. You can create your playlist and add your choice of music. Others can also enjoy your taste of music since the app lets you share your playlist with them.

PowerAudio Pro supports all major audio formats like mp3, m4a, wav, aac, amr, and so on. One of the most sophisticated features of the player is the built-in system equalizer, with options like bass booster and virtualizer. You can also customize your EQ presets or choose from the existing profiles as per your taste.

Apart from all these features, you get ringtone cutter, voice assistance, and audiobooks support, custom queue, sleep timer, and many more with PowerAudio Pro. It can even detect your headphones and auto-pause the music when disconnected. Besides, you can also customize your app background with some elegant choices of themes. You can even share your favorite songs without the internet through the nearby sharing feature.

PowerAudio Pro is a paid app, but it is available for ₹10.00 only at the time of this writing. For an excellent music player like this, it is a great bargain.

3. TickTick

TickTick is basically a task managing app that helps you to take notes, reminds you about your schedule, or helps to set your goals for the day. It is supposed to help you out with all the deadlines you have to meet on a hectic day.

TickTick has advanced task scheduling and organizing features. It can help you with not only creating your goal of the day but also make further notes or goals to achieve on the following days. You can set your reminders in repeating periods. It will remind you about it on the correct date with an alarm or notification.

You can also add notes via voice input. To have easy access to your checklists, you can select your desired widget type and place it on your home screen. This way, you can overview your schedule of ahead times in your to-do list calendar with a single tap.

Along with this, you can create to-do lists for your friends, family, and improve efficiency among your co-workers by sharing the upcoming meetings scheduled with them. 

Besides your career goals, TickTick helps you to set your personal goals as well. You can track your daily habits like exercises, meditation, or other activities through the app and get a completion rate at the end of the week with a percentage diagram. 

TickTick is available to download for free, but some of the features are locked behind in-app transactions. However, the free-tier offers more than enough features for you to try.

4. Bouncer

Bouncer is a privacy app that gives you the authority to grant app permissions temporarily. Sometimes you want to grant permission to an app that asks access to your private information, such as contacts, location, or cameras for the first time. In case you want to discard the permissions, then you will have to go to the app settings and do it manually.

Bouncer can automatically close all the permissions you accepted previously and secures all your personal data the moment you exit a particular app.

Bouncer will prompt you to reset permissions every time you close an app. However, apps running in the foreground will retain access to specific permissions, unless you manually close it. You can change this behavior from Bouncer’s settings and control as per your choice. It keeps you from worrying about the apps running in the background with access to sensitive device permissions. Besides privacy and security, Bouncer respects your device’s battery life with less usage of hardware resources. 

Bouncer is a reliable and secure app. It can only manage app permissions from Android’s default settings. Other than that, it doesn’t ask for any sort of sensitive permissions that can potentially invade your privacy. It doesn’t share device information with third-parties over the network.

The Bouncer app costs ₹160 on the Play Store, but it does often go on sale with a significant discount.

5. Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict is one of the best podcasting apps for Android devices. Unlike Spotify and Apple Music, Podcast Addict is designed to deliver exceptional podcast listening experience to the users. It is currently the top podcast app in the Play Store, with over 9M downloads and a very positive rating. 

Podcast Addict automatically fetches the latest podcast episodes from Youtube, SoundCloud, Apple Podcast, and RSS feed. It can search and explore your favorite podcasts by categories and channels, such as MPR, BBC, TED talks, and many more. Based on your podcast subscriptions, the app curates personalized podcast recommendations.

You can set up automated downloads and podcast updates. You also can set a schedule for individual podcast downloads, whether it’s your morning workout or bedtime at night. The app has third party task integration so that you can use an app like Tasker to set up specific activities. 

One of the best things about Podcast Addict is its playback controls, which include playback speed, volume boost, mono playback, loop mode, shuffling, as well as a dedicated sleep timer. The player can also playback local music files and audiobooks.

Visual customization is also a strong aspect of this app. You can enable fullscreen reading mode for RSS podcast feeds, along with reordering podcast and radio subscriptions. Speaking of radio, you can listen to 150k+ radio stations across the globe through this app. You can even cast the audio to a Chromecast supported device. 

If you already use a different podcast app, then you can switch to Podcast Addict easily by importing an OTML format backup file. Note that the app shows a small ad banner at the bottom of the screen, which you can remove by paying ₹370.00 as an in-app purchase.

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