Smart Tips on How to Access Your Phone When You Get Locked Out


The evolution of mobile phones over the years has been nothing but progressive. From big and bulky to small and slim, from keypads to touch screen, from SMS and MMS and now smartphones, it seems like the human population have seen it all. But it doesn’t end there because the continuous advancements in technology are now paving the way for mobile phones to incorporate artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

It also follows suit that phone security is enhanced with modern technology. From a keypad code lock and now fingerprint enabled smartphone, it won’t come as a surprise if anytime soon, your mobile phone can be locked and activated by voice recognition. But what will you do if you get locked out of your phone? You can search for various guides on how to hack a phone, in an attempt to break through your own device. You can also try different hacking apps that may be able to allow you to gain access to your own data. It depends really on the operating system on your phone. But while there are already a number of mobile phone operating systems, Android seems to be the operating system utilized by several mobile phone manufacturers.


If your mobile device is running on an Android operating system, there are already several proven ways to access your phone in case you forgot your screen pattern, PIN, or password. For one, you can use the ADM, or the Android Device Manager if you have it enabled in your setting previously. If not, you can unlock your phone with your Google login credentials, but this only works for Android versions 4.4 and below. If you are specifically using a Samsung phone, you can actually bypass the lock screen using Samsung’s ‘Find My Mobile’ tool. More advanced users disable the lock screen of Android devices using custom recovery that entails the need for an SD card. When all else fails, most users just reset their phones to factory settings, thereby erasing all the data that are already stored in the phone.

iOS and Other Operating Systems

If you have an Apple device, there is no other way to get through, but totally reset your device. However, this entails the need for you to connect to a computer and perform the restoration through iTunes, or the software compatible to iOS devices. You need to press a certain combination and sequence of buttons to enter the recovery mode, depending on the version of your Apple device. You can also use iCloud if you have done regular backups, to reset your phone and restore your data. A Windows phone also needs to be reset using the Windows Device Recovery Tool. On the other hand, a BlackBerry handset will only provide you with a maximum of ten chances to key in your passcode, else, you have no choice but to reset your phone.

In conclusion, mobile phones are now considered a necessity, something that you cannot leave home without. It is considered a best practice to always back up your data in case you experience these unfortunate circumstances.

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