Laptop Brands to Watch Out for in 2019


Laptops are everywhere and everyone is using them. Keeping that in mind, there is a lot of pressure on the top laptop manufacturers as every company is in a constant race with each other and in order to stay ahead.

Be it the latest technology or eye-catching designs, manufacturers like Lenovo, Dell, etc. put in tons of time and money to make their laptops more appealing to the user. After all, who does not want a powerful yet modern looking laptop, right?

Its human nature as we all know that new is always better, all of us will buy the product which is faster in speed, more comfortable to use and have the latest technology. Because this is how the world works.

So here are the 4 brands that you need to keep an eye on in case you are looking for a new laptop.

Best Laptop Brands for 2019

1: Lenovo

Surprised, are you? Well, Lenovo is the best-reviewed laptop brand for 2019 on paper and for good reason.

Positive remarks are the best thing for a laptop brand as it can as it can skyrocket the sales in a very short period of time.

Wondering why Lenovo tops the charts? Here’s your answer

With the release of the latest ThinkPad Carbon X1 to the Yoga 920, Lenovo has evolved and now manufacturers laptops that are absolute beasts. Whether you are a programmer or video editor, these laptops are tailor-made for you.

They also manufacture some of the best mid-range and budget laptops as well and are also the minds behind the TrackPoint which has gained a lot of positive reviews from users.

2: Apple (Brand with Best Customer Support)

Now, here comes the giant that everybody in this whole wide world knows the name of, Apple. And we’ve chosen the brand Apple because of its tremendous and utterly reliable customer support.

The technology has developed immensely over the past decades but still, we face many problems in our devices and it is important that a company must have good customer support if the customer needs to fix a problem in their laptops.

The most popular series in the Apple laptops is the MacBook and we all know the quality of the Apple products and the MacBook is a great example of that. It is ultralight and packed with features like Retina Display and Touch Bar that help you increase productivity, unlike most windows laptops.

3: Razer (Best Brand for Gaming Laptops)

We have talked about the fan favorite and the giant now it’s time to talk about the gaming gods in the room.

Specially designed for gamers around the world this gaming laptop has its own fan base. Razer is winning the race for over a decade now in the gaming laptop genre.

Unlike other companies like Asus, the Razer gaming laptops are very thin in size and yet will last you for years to come. Razer is the only company who has been able to put a lot of power in such small bodies.

The most popular series is the Blade series which has a lot of gaming power and no other company comes near it in terms of power and display.

If you are a fan of gaming and cannot have enough of Fortnite, FIFA or PUBG then this is the best brand to choose from.

4: Asus (Best Design)

First thing I want to say is that looks of your laptop matters a lot. There should be no objection if your Laptop can do all of the work and still looks goods and this is why we have Asus on number four. The body design of the Asus laptops helps in the cooling of the device faster.

If we start then, then the design of the laptops has improved immensely and no one can deny that these designs play a very important role in the performance and efficiency of the laptop.

Now when it comes to the body design of the laptop no company can ever beat Asus. That is because they manufacture some of the sleekest and modern laptops on the market.

Their best series is the Vivo Book and has become of the most popular laptop series amongst both professionals and casual laptop users around the globe.

5: Acer

Last but not least comes Acer and as they say that variety is the spice of life. And we say that because Acer has one of the largest variety when it comes to the laptops.

This variety ensures whether you are looking for a laptop for gaming or serious work purposes, there is a laptop for everyone.

Like if you need something for school or education then Acer has plenty of Chromebooks. Chromebooks that are fast, efficient and yet available at a decent price range.

If you are a gamer than Acer has Nitro 5 is a 2-in-1 gaming laptop you will love. Apart from that, there is also the much-loved Predator series.

But that is only the tip of the iceberg. The one series that really stands out the is the Acer E series.

One of the best features of these laptops is that they are equipped with excellent sound and display which games them a great choice for gaming and movies.

They also offer a battery life of up to 10-12 hours so you are not running around for power outlets all the time.

Plus, it also has Type C USB ports which ensure you can transfer data at speeds of about 5GBPS.


When it comes to buying laptops brands play an important role. After all, some of the brands have been in the market for years and have gained the trust and respect of the users.

But you cannot be hooked to one brand forever as new technologies and features come to light, the brand war continues to grow.

And hopefully, through this article, we have made it easier for you to decide on which brand you should be going for at least in 2019.

For more updates, stay tuned.

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