Noise Shots X3 Bass Review: Earbuds With Solid Bass


Earbuds have gained huge popularity among the users and have become one of the most used audio devices nowadays. They came into trends just after the Apple dropped 3.5mm jack in its iPhone 7 and replaced the wired earphones with AirPods. After observing this change in iPhone 7, a race has started between manufacturers to manufacture earbuds. And since then, a variety of earbuds hits the market with different specifications and quality. Most of the quality earbuds priced more than Rs. 5,000 in the market, while there exist some cheaper ones under Rs. 5,000. And now Noise, an Indian Brands hits the market with its earbuds called Noise Shots X3 Bass priced at just Rs. 3,999.

Noise is offering great wireless earbuds at an amazing price. It has almost all the features which any premium earbuds has. It comes with a case which charges these earbuds. Apart from its amazing features, it has some downsides too, which we further discuss in this review. So, let’s find out is these earbuds is really worth buy or not?


Noise Shots X3 Bass are designed perfectly that easily fits into your ear canal. Unlike some other earbuds available in the market which are a bit bulky and doesn’t fit well in the ear canal, these earbuds come with sleek and slim and look amazing. They have been designed carefully so that it doesn’t make irritation after wearing for a few hours. Also, you can wear them while running or performing an exercise as they are IPX4 rated which makes it sweat resistant. This feature makes them running earbuds also.

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Noise Shots X3 Bass is loaded with all the features which earbuds should have. It works on the latest version of Bluetooth, v5.0 which offers it a good signal strength over a great range. It has a big functional button on the top to perform four different functions including play, pause, skip track and receive/end calls on pressing that button accordingly. You can use this button to resume the connection if the connection has dropped accidentally. Like most of the earbuds, there isn’t any volume control, you can control the volume via the device with which you have paired these earbuds.

There’s a tiny LED indicator which shows the connection and charge status. Noise Shots X3 comes with a cool curvy Case which is also its charger. Its case is compact in size and can easily fit into your trouser’s pocket. The build quality of the case is average and is made from plastic, but it looks spectacular and has a glossy finish.

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This case has a huge battery of 1500mAh which can be charged via a micro USB cable and takes two hours of charging time. Once on a full charge, it can charge your earbuds for five consecutive days. You can find two Pogo pins inside the case at which earbuds can sit easily in the box and can be charged. You can find 4 LED indicator showing the charging level of Case. There’s a magnet which holds the earbuds in the case.

The best feature of these earbuds is its automatic power on/off. Once you put out these earbuds from the case, they will automatically turn on and get connected with your phone, and once you put them in the case they start charging and turns off. So overall, using Noise Shots X3 Bass earbuds is very simple and anyone can operate it easily.

Sound and Performance

The audio quality of Shots X3 is also very good but as its name suggests, you’ll get huge bass in these earbuds. However, it seems that Noise has focused much on its Bass Quality and has given less care on other factors. No doubt, you’ll get a solid bass in these earbuds but you may feel the mid and vocals a bit faded. Due to heavy bass, the sound is a bit not clear. Apart from that, everything is awesome. So, if you are a Bass lover, these earbuds are made for you and is a worth buy.

Coming back to its performance, apart from its solid bassy audio, it has a great battery backup also. Each earbud has 50mAh battery which may last up to 3hrs. Also, there’s a microphone on of them which can be used for calling purpose. Shots X3 Bass routes the call to the Stereo Mode which is beneficial for outdoor calls. However, you have to talk a bit loudly so that other person on the wire can hear your voice clearly. While in crowd places, its isolation doesn’t work properly and your voice will not be heard to another person even if you shout loudly. So, that’s a minor point of this earbuds.

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Final Call

If you are a bass lover and are looking for wireless earbuds at a great price, you must go for it. Apart from its some downsides, this is one of the best available earbuds in the market at just Rs. 3,999 which is loaded with some amazing features and a classy look.

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Noise Shots X3 Bass Earbuds

If you are a bass lover, you must go for it. Its an amazing Earbuds at a great price. Apart from some of its downsides, these are great bassy earbuds.

  • Design
  • Sound Quality
  • Bass
  • Battery Life
  • Mic

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