MediEvil PS4 Remake: How to Unlock Original PS1 Game


MediEvil is a 1998 classic PlayStation video game developed by SCE Cambridge Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. This action-adventure hack and slash game recently got a remake for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. You can now experience the adventures of Sir Daniel Fortesque on your 4K TV.

The best thing about this remake is that a new series of side quests and collectibles called “Lost Souls” have been added. If you manage to find all the lost souls and put them to rest, you will be able to play the original PS1 MediEvil game from the main menu. This will also unlock two new trophies, Lost and Found (Find all the Lost Souls) and Soul Saviour (Lay all the Lost Souls to rest).

If you want to relive the original PS1 version within the PS4 remake of MediEvil, continue reading this guide to learn more.

Guide: Unlock the Original MediEvil PS1 Game

MediEvil has 19 Lost Soul riddles and locations. To unlock the original MediEvil PS1 game, follow the instructions below:

  • Make your way to the “The Entrance Hall” level of the game. You have to go down the staircase on the right. You will find a blue chest at the bottom. Opening it will unlock the Lost Souls side quests. Each Soul will give you riddles, which you have to solve in order to lay 19 Lost Souls to rest at different levels throughout the game.
  • After unlocking the Lost Souls side quests, you will see a grey ‘S’ logo on the map of every level. This indicates that there is a Lost Soul somewhere to be found in the level. When you find a soul, the grey ‘S’ logo will become orange colored. Note that the Lost Soul’s resting location is different than where you find it.
  • Remember to finish the level after you find a Lost Soul location or lay a Lost Soul to rest in its location. If you quit the level without finishing it, your progress won’t get saved. If you miss a Lost Soul in a level, you can still obtain it by replaying the level. It will take you one to two playthroughs to put a Lost Souls at a different level anyways.
  • Once you have put all the 19 lost souls to rest, go back to the main menu of the game and unlock the PS1 version of MediEvil.

Locations of Lost Souls (With Resting Places)

Since you have to complete a level to save progress, you can find a Lost Soul and lay it to rest at another level by following the exact order of Soul locations and resting places below to save yourself from the hassle of backtracking.

  • Lost Soul #1: Fisherman Formes

Location: The Entrance Hall

Resting Place: The Sleeping Village

  • Lost Soul #2: Brute Bruty

Location: The Graveyard

Resting Place: Scarecrow Fields

  • Lost Soul #3: Ye Old Olivara

Location: Cemetery Hill

Resting Place: Return to the Graveyard

  • Lost Soul #4: Baffy the Baffler

Location: The Hilltop Mausoleum

Resting Place: The Asylum Grounds

  • Lost Soul #5: Surgeon Sherman

Location: Return to the Graveyard

Resting Place: Inside the Asylum

  • Lost Soul #6: Chen the Enchantress

Location: Scarecrow Fields

Resting Place: Cemetery Hill

  • Lost Soul #7: Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Weder

Location: Pumpkin Gorge

Resting Place: The Pumpkin Serpent

  • Lost Soul #8: Treviarnus, the Troubadour

Location: The Pumpkin Serpent

Resting Place: The Hilltop Mausoleum

  • Lost Soul #9: Grave Keeper Kambic

Location: The Sleeping Village

Resting Place: The Graveyard

  • Lost Soul #10: Gavin the Golden

Location: The Asylum Grounds

Resting Place: The Crystal Caves

  • Lost Soul #11: Sir Schmidt the Hermit

Location: Inside the Asylum

Resting Place: Pumpkin Gorge

  • Lost Soul #12: Daring D. Castro

Location: The Enchanted Earth

Resting Place: The Haunted Ruins

  • Lost Soul #13: Hopper the Legless

Location: Pools of the Ancient Dead

Resting Place: The Gallows Gauntlet

  • Lost Soul #14: Son Jr., Son of Sr.

Location: The Lake

Resting Place: The Enchanted Earth

  • Lost Soul #15: Knight McKnight

Location: The Crystal Caves

Resting Place: Pools of the Ancient Dead

  • Lost Soul #16: Nautical Nachbaur

Location: The Gallows Gauntlet

Resting Place: The Lake

  • Lost Soul #17: Barrelman Badillo

Location: The Haunted Ruins

Resting Place: The Ghost Ship

  • Lost Soul #18: Captain Coffman

Location: The Ghost Ship

Resting Place: The Time Device

  • Lost Soul #19: Sir Sloane

Location: The Time Device

Resting Place: The Entrance Hall

Final Words

In this guide, we have provided detailed instructions and Soul locations to help you complete the Lost Souls side quests and unlock the original PS1 version of MediEvil within the PS4 remake. While this may look like a lot of effort, it is worth experiencing the game in PS1 graphics one more time. In case you have any questions regarding the guide, let us know in the comments section below.

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