How to Use Page Authority Checker to Gain More Organic Traffic


Search engine optimization is a continuous process. You tweak one factor to see results but you can’t just end it there on that one factor. You have to keep rearranging how to manage content on your website. This is important because SEO factors of importance keep changing. However, there are new tools today that can help us better plan out SEO tweaking’s.

What is page authority in SEO?

Like mentioned before, SEO is an amalgamation of a number of things. It is difficult to judge how well the website is doing on search engine. In order to get a rough idea, Moz invented a page authority checker. What this tool does is rank a page on a scale of one to 100. Remember that the higher the number, the more the chances of a page to do well in search engine. Page authority is a score to check how high a page will rank on search engines.

What is SEO score?

Like page authority, SEO score a number that judges how well a website will do in SEO. It has to do with the overall website. It takes into account the technical factors of SEO, the quality and arrangement of content, overall user experience and website’s responsiveness in mobile. These are a lot of factors and the overall score is made up of all these factors. Page authority can have an impact on SEO score too.

What is the difference between page authority and SEO score?

SEO score is a big ranking. It takes into account hundreds of factors. And it has to do with overall performance of the website. On the other hand, page authority is limited to just pages. A website has categories, pages and more. These are all different terms. SEO score depends on the joint page authority of all the pages on your blog. The higher the page authority, the more the chances of your website to have a better SEO results.

How to use a SEO score checker and page authority checker?

Both the tools are very easy to use. If you Google them online, you will find dozens of websites that offer you this tool for free. Just start using any one of them. You should be able to also spot that not all checkers show the same results. You can use different checkers for reconfirmation. On the tool, all you need to do is to share with it the URL of the website or the page you want to check the score for. Within a few seconds, a detailed report is shown to you that tells you how well is your score doing, Likewise, you are updated on each factor. This is an amazing free of cost pair of SEO tools that you can start using for your blog right away. Page authority was initially started by Moz but now there are a number of websites that offer the same tool for free. These tools can be best used to judge the overall performance of a page or website.

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