ConnectPal: The Next Blogging Channel for Small Businesses


Marketing is everything in business. And generally, bigger brands can afford to spend a lot on marketing and PR to attract more customers and notice.

But for small businesses, founders have to take stock of every penny spent, and every purchase made. That includes the cost of marketing and exposure. Sometimes, there’s just not a lot left in the budget after exhausting the bank with other start-up costs.

One way small business leaders and founders can consider bringing in new customers and attracting some attention for their new business is through blogging. Even if your small business already has a website, a blog can be used as another way to connect with both current and potential customers.

In addition to setting up a blog on your business’ website, there are other content channels that businesses can explore to reach a wider audience.

One such up-and-coming channel is ConnectPal, a subscription-based content platform that anyone can use. Once content creators sign up for a free profile on ConnectPal, they can set a monthly subscription price for followers to access their content. ConnectPal is really for any individual or business looking to grow an audience, but it can be especially useful for small businesses that need to make every dollar they make and spend count.

Using a ConnectPal blog to connect with readers and customers can be especially useful for business leaders who already have a small loyal customer base in place from a past venture who are interested in where the individual is taking their talents next.

Or, if your small business has an active social media presence on sites like Twitter or Facebook, followers there might be intrigued enough to subscribe and follow the blog if they like the content that’s featured on the company’s website and social media.

According to a recent Hubspot report and Blogging Wizard, companies with blogs have 55 percent more visitors than those without blogs. That’s a whole lot of potential customers you’re missing out on reaching, and a lot of customers you may already have that you’re not connecting with every tool available.

Small business leaders should really be doing everything they can to connect with their customer base and with possible customers. Creating a dynamic blog to showcase what the business is all about, or one that includes expert writing from a business leader talking about their industry, is an important action that every small business entrepreneur should consider.

It might seem like everyone has a blog these days, but small business owners should especially consider maintaining one as an important instrument in building their business.

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