How to Set Up Sleep Schedule on iPhone


Sleep plays a very important role in your well-being. It is involved in healing your body, boosting your immune system, strengthen your heart, and preparing you for the next day.

However, sleep deficiency is an increasing factor nowadays, and it’s linked to high blood pressure, heart and kidney disease, diabetes, stroke, and several other physical health issues.

The new Health app in iOS 14 helps you meet your sleep goals. You can schedule times for getting to bed and waking up at fixed times. The app lets you create multiple schedules for different weekdays and weekends, and adjust the alarm mode for each schedule to your preference.

iPhone does have a Sleep Mode, which you also enable manually to reduce distractions and have a good sleep. It makes your Lock Screen dimmer and simple, with the ‘Do Not Disturb’ profile toggled on.

If you would like to enhance your sleep quality for a better morning, follow this guide to set up sleep schedules on the iPhone. It’s quite easy to do.

Set up your first sleep schedule on iPhone

From the Health app, you can set up a fixed schedule for winding down, going to bed, and waking up for one or multiple days of the week.

  1. First, go to the Health app from your Home Screen and visit the Browse tab.
  2. Next, scroll past the other activities and tap Sleep on the list.
  3. To set up your first sleep schedule, scroll down again, and tap the Get Started button.
  4. Now tap Next to go past the instructions. The following screen should prompt you to set a Sleep Goal. Choose how many hours of sleep you wish to have a day, then tap Next.
  5. After that, tap to unselect the days you don’t want to include in your sleep schedule. The selected days should be highlighted in blue.
  6. Under that, you should see your “Bedtime” and “Wake Up” schedule based on your target Sleep Goal. You can adjust it by dragging the bed and alarm icon in the clock circle.
  7. Once you are done setting up your first sleep schedule, tap Add on the top.
  8. On scheduled days, your alarm will wake you up at your chosen “Wake Up” time. If you wish to add another schedule, tap “Add a Schedule For Other Days” and follow the same steps as shown above.
    Alternatively, tap Next to proceed through the first-time setup.
  9. On the following page, make sure to Enable Sleep Mode, which simplifies your Lock Screen and auto-enables Do Not Disturb at your “Bedtime.”
  10. Once again, your iPhone will tell you to set up and Enable Wind Down, which helps you relax before bedtime by enabling Do Not Disturb.
    You can manually choose how much time you need to wind down by tapping the (+) and (-) signs.
  11. In case you wish to have access to a few shortcuts on your iPhone Lock Screen while Sleep Mode is enabled, tap Set Up Shortcuts and pick up your preferred apps and actions.
    Tap Next once you have your Wind Down Shortcuts figured out.
  12. Finally, review your sleep schedule and tap Done.

Upon setting up your first sleep schedule, your iPhone will automatically enable Sleep Mode when it’s time for you to go to bed.

All you should see is a simple and dimmed Lock Screen, with the date and time on the top and your morning alarm reminder. To access your Wind Down Shortcuts, tap the Shortcuts button in the middle of the Lock Screen. If you wish to view your actual Lock Screen, tap Dismiss.

Since Sleep Mode activates Do Not Disturb as well, it silences any notifications or calls when your iPhone is locked. However, you always have the option to temporarily disable Sleep Mode and unlock your iPhone to check on important alerts.

To enable Sleep Mode again, bring up the Control Center, and simply tap the Sleep icon. Otherwise, your alarm will go off at the scheduled time.

Review your sleep history on iPhone

After the first night of setting up your sleep schedule, you can view the sleep history from the Health app. In the Sleep menu, you will be able to see your average time in bed weekly and monthly, alongside an hourly graph for each day.

Reviewing your sleep history will help you reach your nightly goal and force you to follow a consistent bedtime routine.


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