How to Obtain Jirachi in Pokémon GO’s Thousand-Year Slumber Special Event


Pokémon GO developer Niantic has recently introduced the game’s Ultra Bonuses, and a lot of exciting in-game rewards for the hardcore fans. They are also giving Pokémon GO players a chance to catch the Gen 4 mythical Wish Pokémon named Jirachi, which is only obtainable through a brand new Special Research questline called “A Thousand-Year Slumber.”

Similar to the other sets Special Research questline for capturing Mew and Celebi, you’ll first need to complete a variety of Research tasks.

There are seven sets of tasks in total, and many of them are based around Pokémons from the Hoenn region. You’ll need to complete the entire questline, and it’s probably going to take a while, based on the tasks required for each step of the questline. Once you’ve cleared all of the Special Research tasks, you’ll get the chance to capture the mythical Pokémon Jirachi.

The next time you log into Pokémon GO, click on the binoculars on the home screen. You will get the Special Research from Professor Willow. But before you get started, you should continue reading this article to see all of the tasks you’ll need to complete to catch Jirachi.

How to capture Jirachi?

At the time of writing, there are seven sets of tasks in total, but the tasks of the seventh and final stage are unknown. We will update this article as more tasks are uncovered.

Step 1:

Quest Reward
Catch 25 Pokémon 1,000 XP
Spin 10 Pokéstops or Gyms Encounter: Jigglypuff
Make 3 new friends Encounter: Feebas
Rewards: 1x Mossy Lure, 1x Magnetic Lure, 1x Glacial Lure

The first step is easy, just catch Pokémon and spin Pokéstops. Making three new friends is relatively easy. We recommend you to ask for friend codes in social media or join a local Pokémon Go group.

Step 2:

Quest Reward
Catch 3 Whismur 10x Whismur Candy
Evolve a Feebas 1,500 XP
Catch 90 Hoenn Region Pokémon

(Obtain the Hoenn Gold Medal)

1,500 XP
Rewards: 2,000 Stardust, 10x Regular Pokéballs, 3x Incense

Here’s where things start to get a little bit complicated. While Whispur is a common catch, Feebas isn’t. You’ll have to make Feebas your buddy, and evolve by walking with it for 20km and use 100 rare candies. But with the release of Pokémon Go’s Water Festival (23 Aug – 30 Aug), you will frequently encounter Feebas. Candy distance is also halved during the event.

The Gold Hoenn Medal will be a challenge for new Pokémon GO players, as it requires you to catch 90 unique species from the 135 of Pokémon Gen 3 (from the Hoenn region featured in the Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire games). If you have already obtained the Gold Medal, this task will complete itself instantly.

Step 3:

Quest Reward
Take a snapshot of Loudred Encounter: Snorlax
Make 3 Great Throws in a row 2,000 XP
Earn 3 Candies walking with your buddy 2,000 XP
Rewards: 20x Silver Pinap Berries, 3x Star Pieces, 2,000 Stardust

This set of tasks is much easier than the previous one. Your Whismur requires only 12 candies to evolve to Loudred. When you get Loudred, hit the camera button while spectating it to complete the first task.

Making 3 Great Throws in a row is most likely to be where you’ll fail most of the time. Aim within the inner colored catching circle – you’ll get a ‘great’ when it reaches two thirds the size of the outer circle.

Equip a 1km Buddy Pokémon to complete the third task.

Step 4:

Quest Reward
Catch 50 Psychic or Steel-type Pokémon 2,500 XP
Power up Pokémon 10 times 2,500 XP
Send 10 Gifts to friends 2,500 XP
Rewards: 1x Fast TM, 1x Charged TM, 1x Premium Raid Pass

The first task in this set will take you a while to complete as Psychic and Steel-type Pokémon are uncommon.

To complete the second task, you have to open the Pokémon box and click the ‘Power Up’ button 10 times for a Pokémon.

The third task is self-explanatory. Just send 10 gifts to your in-game friends.

Step 5:

Quest Reward
Battle a team leader 3 times Encounter: Kricketune
Win against another trainer 7 times 3,000 XP
Win 5 raids 3,000 XP
Rewards: 3x Rare Candy, 20x Ultra Balls, 3,000 Stardust

If you have enough experience in Pokémon GO’s PvP system, you can probably finish this set of tasks in a short time. You have to battle team leaders Blanche, Candela, and Spark by pressing the Pokémon radar in the bottom right corner of your screen (the one with three nearby Pokémon shown on it). Then tap on ‘Battle’ in the next screen.

The other two tasks are pretty much explained. You have to win against 7 Pokémon GO players and complete 5 raids. If you are a level 25 trainer or so, we recommend you to take on raids rated three-stars or below.

Step 6:

Quest Reward
Take 5 photos of Steel or Psychic Pokémon Encounter: Chimecho
Make 3 excellent curveball throws Encounter: Bronzong
Spin a Pokéstop 7 days in a row 4,000 XP
Rewards: 10x Silver Pinap Berries, 10x Star Pieces, 5,000 Stardust

This set of tasks is pretty straightforward. You have to take 5 snapshots of Psychic or Steel Pokémon that you have caught earlier. To complete the second task, you’ll have to encounter and catch a Pokémon with a curveball throw. To do the curveball throw, spin the Pokéball in a circular motion and try to land it within the inner catching circle when it reaches a third of the size of the outer circle for an ‘Excellent’ throw. Not the easiest thing to do, but you will be able to get it after multiple tries.

Step 7:

Quest Reward
Rewards: Encounter: Jirachi, TBA

Due to the nature of the previous step’s tasks, Pokémon GO guide writers are waiting for a week from Jirachi’s release until we find out from the app itself. Based on previous Mythical Pokémon special research quests, we expect that you will be able to catch Jirachi with unlimited chances once all three tasks on this set are completed. Though it should be noted that you need to catch Jirachi with AR mode on, so make sure you have plenty of Pokeballs.

Reference: The quest names and rewards mentioned above were compiled using information posted by u/DanzMacawb on The Silph Road subreddit.

Pokémon GO Ultra Bonuses

The Thousand-Year Slumber questline isn’t the only event that Niantic is offering. Beginning September 2, the developer will be releasing a variety of ultra bonuses and special Pokémon available in the game for a limited time. A new set of bonuses will be accessible each week between September 2 and 23,  including the appearance of new Shiny Pokémon as well as the first Gen 5 Pokémon. You can check all of the bonuses below:

Week 1: 

Unowns (U, L, T, R, A) will hatch from 10km eggs.

Entei, Raikou & Suicune will appear in raid battles.

Shiny Sentret & Gligar will appear in the wild.

Week 2:

Shiny Farfetch’d, Kangaskhan, Mr.Mime & Tauros will hatch from 7km eggs.

All Deoxys forms will appear in five-start raid battles.

Week 3:

Shiny Mewtwo with Psystrike will appear in raid battles.

3 new Gen 5 Pokémon will make an appearance: Shiny Klink, Patrat and Lillipup.

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