How to Customize and Share Apple Watch Faces


Digital watch faces are an essential factor for user smartwatch customization. On Apple Watch devices, they happen to be the central element of Apple’s watchOS experience. Although Apple still doesn’t allow custom watch faces yet, it seems like the days of Apple not adopting the user customization idea is coming to an end.

The new WatchOS 7 brings a lot of improvements under the hood, as well as a few user-friendly personalization options. It’s now possible to customize the preloaded watch faces on Apple Watch devices. While it’s not the same as creating a custom watch face, you at least get the freedom to adjust a built-in watch face to your liking.

Similar to the previous years, Apple’s new watchOS 7 adds seven new watch faces: Artist, Chronograph Pro, Count, GMT, Memoji, Stripes, and Typograph. You can customize these watch faces, as well as the previous ones, to make your Watch more personalized than ever before.

If you already have the watchOS 7 installed on your Apple Watch, follow this guide to learn how to customize and share Apple watch faces.

How to create customized Apple Watch faces?

Customizing an Apple Watch face is straightforward. You can choose a design, mix up the colors a bit, pick up the features you need, and then add it to your watch face collection.

While all of this customization can be done from the Watch app on your iPhone, you can now do it directly on your Apple Watch device. Here’s how:

  • Start with tapping and holding your current watch face, then go left or right to choose the face you wish to customize.
  • Next, tap the Edit option under the selected watch face.
  • In order to change the color scheme, make sure Color is selected in the edit menu. You can turn the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch to scroll through the options, and stop turning it when you find your preferred color.

You can also adjust the complications on the watch faces. In case you are wondering what “complications” are, they are the small widgets displaying things like the weather report, stock prices, or other information from installed apps on the watch faces.

  • To personalize the Complications, swipe left to the end of the edit menu. You may now tap a complication in the watch face to edit it.
  • After that, use the Digital Crown again to pick up a new complication to replace with the older one.  
  • Next, press the Digital Crown to save the changes to the watch face.

Note that you can have multiple complications set up from a single app. However, the number of complications you can add varies depending on the watch face you choose to edit.

Once you save the customized watch face, you can tap to set it as your current face.

How to share customized Apple Watch faces?

WatchOS 7 lets you share customized Apple Watch faces with your friends and families. All you need to do is touch and hold the watch face and tap the Share icon (box with an arrow pointing upwards) next to the Edit option.

After that, you can add your contacts from the Add Contact option and compose a personalized message when sharing the watch face. Scroll down and tap Send once you are done.

In case the receiver has an Apple Watch with watchOS 7, they will be able to install the watch face directly from the message. It’ll also auto-download the apps associated with the complications you have set up with the watch face.


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