Freelancing Finesse – How to Make a Statement as a Budding Digital Freelancer


Are you looking into starting a career as a digital freelancer? Freelancing can be one of the best things anyone can do for themselves – what’s better than working on something you’re passionate about and dictating your own work hours and schedule? With the global shift towards all things digital, there is no better time to pursue an independent career path than now. As with all careers, there are some important factors to consider and steps to take if you’re looking to really stand out of the freelancing crowd. In this article, we look at how you can make a statement as a budding freelancer, so read on to find out more!

1. Quality Matters

One of the most important things when looking to make a statement as a digital freelancer is to ensure that the quality of your work is second to none. Freelancing is a competitive market, and the only way to truly stand out is with work and projects that are of superior quality. Whether you are a freelance writer, artist or marketer, it is of utmost importance that you focus on providing exceptional quality. This means proofreading your work 3 times instead of 2, using quality HP ink cartridges to print your art and ensuring that anything service you provide is of industry-standard at a bare minimum. Focusing on quality is one of the best ways for a freelancer to differentiate themselves from the others and a great way to ensure a consistent inflow of work for yourself.

2. Meet Your Deadlines

We cannot stress how important it is for a digital freelancer to meet their deadlines. Whilst this seems like we are stating the obvious, you’ll be surprised at how many freelancers fail to live up to their deadlines. In order to make a statement and truly stand out of the crowd, you’re going to want to meet your deadlines with machine-like efficiency. Your reliability and credibility lie both in your quality of work and your ability to produce it in a specific amount of time. When clients know that you’re able to do the job in time, it is far more likely that they’ll recommend you to their friends and colleagues. The easier you make life for your clients, the more likely you’re going to shine and stand out of the freelancing crowd.

3. How Are You Interacting With Your Clients?

When it comes to making a statement as a budding digital freelancer, you need to pay attention to how you are interacting with your clients. Are you maintaining a level of professionalism in your communication? Are you efficient in responding to emails, texts and phone calls? Whenever you are communicating with your clients, it is important to keep communication professional and to the point. Carefully consider what is appropriate when you are in communication with your clients. Choose your words wisely, and always ensure that your invoices and emails are kept looking as professional as possible in order to project an air that lets them know you take what you do seriously. Save the emojis and slang words for your friends – your clients don’t need to hear or see them!

4. Keep Up With Current Trends

Regardless of what niche you specialise in, it is really important that you keep up with current trends. Keep an eye on what’s going on in your particular industry and try to apply it to your work as soon as you can. A great way to stay in the loop is to sign up to popular newsletters and journals, attend seminars, follow opinion leaders and take feedback from your clients. If you’re aware of current trends, it makes it that much easier for you to satisfy your clients’ needs and portrays an image of you being someone that is looking to grow as a professional. Showing a keen interest in the current events relating to your career is also a fantastic way to show how much passion you have for your craft.

5. Networking Will Bring Your Career To The Next Level

Last but not least, one of the greatest and most effective ways for any freelancer to bring their career to the next level and be noticed is to focus on networking. Hop on to websites such as LinkedIn and start connecting with like-minded individuals. Connect with other freelancers, marketing companies and other industry professionals. We suggest in putting yourself out there by engaging in high levels of interaction, sending messages out to potential clients and uploading some of your work into your online portfolio. The more contacts you’re in touch with, the more projects you’ll find making their way to you.

As you work to stand out as a budding digital freelancer, it is important that you focus on building your reputation up and providing impeccable service to your clients. We hope that this article has been useful in giving you some handy tips that will assist you in bringing your career to the next level.

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