How to Unlock Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Secret Characters?


If you are a big fan of Marvel’s latest, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 game, then here’s a good news for you all. The game has a bunch of hidden and unlockable characters which are there as playable characters on the game. Yes, you heard that right.
Of course, you will get many of them within the story gameplay; however, there are some characters which are completely hidden and need to be unlocked by the players. In this article, we will show you how you can unlock Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Characters on your own.
Here, we have prepared a detailed guide to let you know about the actual process of unlocking these hidden characters in the game. You can go through this guide and try out the given information to unlock your favorite hidden character. Let’s get on to the guide now!

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Hidden Character Unlock Guide

As mentioned above, the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 has a number of different types of characters. The unlocking method of each character is different and for that reason, you need to be a little careful during the process.
There are some characters which can only be unlocked by the players through the story of the game. When the character says Unlock via Story, then you have to go through the story of the game and at the right time, the character will be unlocked for you.
There is a special Character Menu available on the game which you can explore by pressing the Y button on your Keyboard. This will show you the actual number of players or characters which can fit your story. High-level characters are hard to unlock compared to the low-level character in the game.
There are over 33 different types of characters available on the game from which, most of them are unlockable during the story. To unlock such characters, all you have to do is just complete the given levels one by one and the characters will be unlocked for you.
Now, here’s a trick. There are four different Secret Characters available on the game named Elektra, Magneto, Loki and Thanos. These special secret characters are way more powerful than other characters which are easily unlockable. To unlock these secret characters, here we have prepared guidelines for you.

How to Unlock Elektra?

Elektra is the first unlockable character in the game which comes as a secret character. To unlock this character, you have to reach to the gameplay until you unlock the infinity Trials menu.
Once you have done that, go to the Infinity menu where you will see a Hexagonal towards bad business. You have to complete the incomplete hexagonal using the levelled team. Once done, Elektra will be there on your team.

How to Unlock Magneto?

Magneto is the second unlockable and secret character available on the game. As the name suggests, this is a powerful character which wraps magnetic fields as per his will. This character can be activated during Chapter 5.
Being a special character, you have to do a lot of hard work to unlock it. You can see it but can’t make use of it until you completely unlock it. To play as the Magneto, you have to complete the story until you reach the Psy Infinity Trial in the game.
There you see an Infinity Tree Shape with different characters. Magneto will be there at the upper right corner of the tree. To unlock this character, you have to defeat Klaw, Kingpin and Doctor Strange. Make sure you are in the right position to unlock this character as it requires patience and power both.
Once you beat all of these three characters, the Magneto will be unlocked and you can explore the game with him.

How to Unlock Thanos?

Thanos is the third unlockable character in the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. Thanos is the leader of The Black Order. To unlock this character, you have to reach out until the end of the game. You have to actually beat the game to unlock him.
Once you finished the game, you will be taken back to the main menu where you will see that the character is now unlocked in the Infinity menu. Here, you have to complete the rift trials first and then the Thanos character will be unlocked. Make sure you finish the rift trials first.

How to Unlock Loki?

Loki is the last unlockable character in the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. To unlock this character, you have to finish the Rift Sigma by completing the gameplay. Once you finish the game, you will be taken back to the main Infinity menu where you will be presented with rift sigma trials.
Defeat the characters in Level 45. The rift sigma will be available in Chapter 9 first. You have to finish all the rift sigma trials to unlock Loki.
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