Create a Free Logo with DesignEvo in Minutes


Are you looking for alternatives to create free logos that can give an extraordinary look to your business?

Thinking about it, I decided to present a good alternative for you to create your logo easily. That is DesignEvo.

With DesignEvo, it is possible to create a logo in just a matter of minutes with the great advantage of not having to pay.

How to Create Logos in DesignEvo?

Even if you are not an expert in graphic design and you don’t have previous design knowledge, you will find it very simple and intuitive to use with following step by step tutorials:

Step 1:

Access DesignEvo website and click “Make a Free Logo” button on the homepage to get started. You are not required to register to use it, but if you want, you can log in via social networks or create an account with your own email address. In particular, it’s simpler to log in via Facebook.

Create a Free Logo with DesignEvo

Step 2:

Next, you will see the screen with the option of available templates. There are more than 4000 preset logo templates to choose from. They cover various categories like Fashion, Education, Technology, Club, and Business. Seach through them using a keyword or open a category to find the design that fits your needs perfectly.

Create a Free Logo with DesignEvo

If you prefer, you can also create a logo from scratch by adding and adjusting icons, shapes or texts with your inner creativity.

Step 3:

After choosing a template, enter your own company name and slogan. The icons, colors, fonts, shapes and other elements on it can be fully customized the way you want.

Create a Free Logo with DesignEvo

Step 4:

When everything is done, you can download your logo to the computer. For free, you will get low-res JPG and PNG files that can be used on social media or website greatly. To get higher resolution and more formats like SVG and PDF, you can choose a paid package with a mall amount of money.

Did you see how to create logos in DesignEvo? It only takes you a few minutes and four easy steps. If you are in need of a quick and simple logo for your business, DesignEvo can make the process much faster and still generate a big saving, as it is not necessary to hire professional designers for this task!

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