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Call of Duty: Vanguard – Fast level up, tips and tricks

In a fast-growing game such as CoD: Vanguard, one will have to continue improving their skills to keep up with the competition. More so, leveling up must always be a key objective. This should be the focus if you want access to the game’s traditionally locked goodies, including weapons and skins.

Since the leveling-up process is always challenging, we’ve noted some beneficial tips that will be helpful to you. In addition, we recommend boosting your matches with these COD Vanguard hacks for an easier climb. That noted, consider the tips below.

Tips and tricks to level up quickly in Call of Duty: Vanguard

  • Start the least difficult challenges first

Different challenges make up the carrier mode. Moreover, the challenges progress with increasing difficulty. If you haven’t figured this out yet, Counter Measures and Boot Camp are the easiest of the challenges in this mode. In Boot Camp, the tasks are just the normal simple things players on any shooter game will do.

With Counter Measures, the stakes are a bit higher but generally easier than its successors. The challenge tasks you with destroying enemy equipment or mines. While the former may be quite easy, you’ll need a little more guts to do the latter. Whatever the challenges are, the 10,000 XP reward at the end of the match is always worthwhile.

  • Use experience tokens

Otherwise known as XP tokens, experience tokens allow you to earn more XP than you would without them. Luckily, players get double experience tokens when they level up the Battle Pass. There are three different XP types in the game, namely Weapon XP, Player XP, and Operator XP.

As their names imply, different XPs help you to upgrade the different elements they’re associated with. When you accumulate weapon XP for any weapon, you can access advanced items such as kits, attachments, and cosmetics. However, we prefer player XPs, which come with benefits such as field upgrades, perks, killstreaks, weapons, tacticals, etc.

  • Level up your operator

This isn’t always an easy task since all operators are locked at the beginning of the game. To access operators, you must complete specific challenges in the multiplayer mode. Moreover, you cannot earn Operator XPs if you haven’t unlocked an operator. However, you’ll need to read your chosen operator’s biography to know their unlocking requirements.

Once you’ve unlocked an operator, leveling up the operator should be your next target. Leveling up your operator allows you to access more rewards with each completed level. For instance, levels 3 and 8 give you 1500 XP and 2000 XP, respectively. A quick way to level up your operator is by securing more kills with a specific gun in the operator’s bio.

  • Upgrade your weapons also.

Upgrading weapons on Vanguard is as important as any core aspect of the game. First, you must have chosen a weapon you’re most comfortable wielding. If your chosen weapon matches any operator’s, that will be an added advantage. This is because you’ll get bonus weapon XPs while earning operator XPs.

Upgrading a gun involves racking up as many kills as possible using that gun. If you’re not comfortable with the normal-paced Tactical pace filter, we recommend Assault. Assault raises the cap from 12 to 36, giving you more enemy targets to shoot. Lastly, if you’re up to the challenge, you have the extremely chaotic Blitz to play.

  • Use XP boosters

You may not achieve significant progress in Vanguard if you want to grind for XPs by your efforts alone. That’s why the game offers several XP boosters. Tiers 1 and 39 offer players a double XP token that lasts for an hour.

Despite not being necessary, buying a premium pass can help you get these much-needed tokens faster. Also, consumables such as Doritos and Mountain Dews can fetch you some double tokens. However, this feature is limited to U.S.-based players. 


Successfully leveling up in your Vanguard game involves leveling up in all three areas of the game, namely weapons, operators, and players. Weapon and operator upgrade usually entails racking up more kills with an operator-specific weapon. 

Generally, completing challenges can also help you to level up. More importantly, prioritize playing the game’s objective instead of going for kills. Either way, your kill count still goes up. Maximizing the tips discussed above, alongside some Vanguard hacks, will help you level up quickly. 

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